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Mapping Progress of Local Education Funds in the School and Community Initiative          39.9 KB

    Network for Safe and Healthy Children

This is a planning tool that divides the work towards goals into beginning, intermediate, and advanced stages in the categories of governance, relationships, service provision, and funding.

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Are Schools Ready for Families?: Case Studies In School-Family Relationships(Helen Nissani )           

    Family Support America

This discussion paper addresses the issue of how family support is expressed in school based/community school settings. Two of the schools used in the paper, Howe Elementary School in Green Bay, WI and Elliot Elementary School in Lincoln, NE, are schools that were highlighted in the Coalition's Making the Difference report.

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Schools Designed with Community Participation(Henry Sanoff )           


This publication presents case studies of school buildings that were designed with community and user participation as an integral part of the school planning process. P.67.

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Schools Uniting Neighborhoods: Successful Collaboration in an Environment of Constant Change(Annie E. Casey Foundation )           

    Annie E. Casey Foundation

This report focuses on the "high level of collaboration across organizational boundaries that has allowed the SUN Initiative to thrive in an environment of constant change." It discusses the role of core initiative staff, technical assistance, political champions, staff, parents, students, volunteers, and agency partners. P. 52

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Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development(Arts Educational Partnership: Council of Chief State School Officers )           

    Council of Chief State School Officers

This compendium has two purposes: 1) to recommend to researchers and funders promising lines of inquiry and study of the academic and social effects of learning in the arts and 2) to provide designers of arts education curriculum and instruction with insights found in the research that suggest strategies for deepening the arts learning experiences that are required to achieve those effects.

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