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Community Schools: Engaging Parents and Families          385.1 KB

01/01/04    National PTA

This article includes lessons for PTAs and local community groups on how community schools help engage families.

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Sharing Classroom Space in After School Programs(Hayin Kim )          53.4 KB

01/01/04    Children's Aid Society

Sharing space and resources is a fundamental component of community schools. Bringing together a wide range of services in one facility is cost-effective and provides a natural outreach mechanism. However, weaving theory into practice requires patience, open communication and courtesy. Here are key lessons learned and anecdotes on sharing classroom space between regular school day staff and extended day staff. They reflect the hands-on experience of people working in afterschool programs.

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Template for a K - 8 School Improvement Plan and Rubric          506.4 KB

01/01/04    Illinois State Board of Education

This template serves as a tool for assessing the strengths and areas in need of improvement for students, faculty, and community. Also included are sections that are useful for establishing the necessary steps toward reform. P. 22.

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Doing What Matters: The Bridges to Success Strategy for Building Community Schools          1.3 MB

01/01/04    Bridges to Success

Divided into three parts, the first covering community schools philosophy, the history of Bridges to Success, primary strategies for school community collaboration, core features of BTS, and examples of system-wide partnerships; the second covering adaptation and replication of BTS, governance, planning, staffing, and evaluation; the third covering long term sustainability and expansion.

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Achievement Plus Schools (Application for Partnership)(Achievement Plus )          52.7 KB


This document provides applicant information on operating principles, space allocation, partner selection criteria, and selection process for community schools.

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