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How Does Title I Support Community Schools?(Marty Blank & Sarah Pearson)          2.0 MB

01/01/10    Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership

This brief provides State and Local Title I Directors with a deeper understanding of the allowable uses of Title I funding for community schools. Community schools are centers of the community that support student learning and healthy development, and strengthen families and communities.

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Community Schools Evaluation Toolkit(Shital C. Shah, Katrina Brink, Rebecca London, Shelly Masur, and Gisel Quihuis)          2.0 MB

12/01/09    Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership in collaboration with The John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities at Stanford University

This Evaluation Toolkit is intended to help with that data collection and analysis. It is driven by a results framework, and offers a step-by-step explanation of evaluation approach and a menu of data collection instruments. Additionally, examples from local evaluations are included. As always the Coalition invites your comments and feedback as we seek to develop tools that support the growth and development of community schools across the nation.

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Surrounded by Support           

07/08/09    American Federation of Teachers

The Summer 2009 Issue of AFT's American Educator Magazine is dedicated to community schools. Educators know that many non-school factors—like untreated asthma, undiagnosed vision problems, and unrelenting poverty—hinder students’ academic success. But instead of tossing up their hands in frustration, educators all over the country are reaching out to community groups that can help solve these problems.

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Surrounded by Support

2009 Lincoln Learning Lab Best Practices(Cathie Petch, Lea Ann Johnson, LCLC)          3.2 MB

04/27/09    Lincoln Community Learning Centers Initiative

This manual from based on the work of the Lincoln Community Learning Centers (LCLC) provides examples of various tools used by the LCLC for their community schools work. The manual contains concrete examples and tools on partnership strategies, annual planning and improvements, evaluation, etc.

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2009 Lincoln Learning Lab Best Practices

High Schools as Community Schools(Rita Axelroth)           

04/01/09    The Coalition for Community Schools in partnership with the National Association for Secondary School

The Coalition for Community Schools in partnership with the National Association for Secondary School Principals reviewed 8 community schools (Bronx, NY; Chicago, IL; Cincinnati, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Philadelphia, PA; Portland, OR; and South King County, WA) to learn their effects on graduation and drop-out rates. They found rising graduation and college going rates and a decrease in drop-out rates. The report also finds that community schools strengths lie in their local communities.

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