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Community-Driven School Reform: Parents Making a Difference in Education           

    The Charles Steward Mott Foundation

This report illustrates community-driven reform models by describing the movements of PACT, a faith-based community organizing group, and several other success stories, each with their own method of organizing around education

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Building a Community School: A Parent's Guide           

    The Children's Aid Society and the Coalition for Community Schools

For concerned, active parents who believe that their school can be more and do more for children, families and the whole community. It introduces the community school approach, explains its benefits for parents and children, and offers some simple steps parents can take to begin turning their school into a community school.

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Are Schools Ready for Families?: Case Studies In School-Family Relationships(Helen Nissani )           

    Family Support America

This discussion paper addresses the issue of how family support is expressed in school based/community school settings. Two of the schools used in the paper, Howe Elementary School in Green Bay, WI and Elliot Elementary School in Lincoln, NE, are schools that were highlighted in the Coalition's Making the Difference report.

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New Skills for New Schools: Preparing Teachers in Family Involvement(Angela Shartrand, Heather Weiss, Holly Kreider, and M. Elena Lopez )           

    Harvard Family Research Project

This paper offers a discussion of parent involvement considerations for professional development programs. Harvard Family Research Project.

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Community Use of Schools: Policy Issues            

    National Clearinghouse on Educational Facilities (NCEF)

Here you will find NCEF's resource list on policy issues concerning the community use of school buildings and grounds during and after school hours, including examples of joint use agreements.

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