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A New Wave of Evidence: The Impact of School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achieveme(Anne T. Henderson and Karen L. Mapp )           


This new report summarizes 41 of the best research studies on how active parent, family and community participation impacts student achievement. It also examines effective strategies to connect schools, families and community and parent and community organizing efforts to improve schools.

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Partnerships by Design: Cultivating Effective and Meaningful School-Family-Community Partnerships(Debbie Ellis and Kendra Hughes )           


A tool for schools hoping to build more effective and meaningful school-family-community partnerships. Helps schools assess their approaches and implement more effective activities. Includes forms to help schools and organizations write their own plans. P. 56.

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Education and Community Building: Connecting Two Worlds           

01/01/01    Institute for Educational Leadership

This publication breaks new ground by helping educators and community leaders understand and respect the assets and talents that each brings to the goal of improving student learning. It presents several "sticking points" and identifies "rules of engagement" to facilitate better communication between school and community. P. 48. To order a copy for $7 contact

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Just Waiting to Be Asked? A Fresh Look at Attitudes on Public Engagement          601.4 KB

01/01/01    Public Agenda

Study summarizes the results of surveys of superintendents, school board members, teachers, parents and the public at large. This analysis of the attitudinal predisposition of key players shares lessons about the opportunities and obstacles that public engagement efforts may face. $10. For more information call, (212) 686-6610.

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Community Organizing for Urban School Reform(Dennis Shirley)           


"Using a case study approach, Dennis Shirley describes how working-class parents, public school teachers, clergy, social workers, business partners, and a host of other engaged citizens have worked to improve education in inner-city schools… Provides a striking point of contrast to orthodox models of change and places the political empowerment of low-income parents at the heart of genuine school improvement and civic renewal." P. 352.

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