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05/01/03    Kids First/REAL HARD

Oakland students working with REAL HARD, a youth leadership organization, wanted to increase student participation and decision-making in their public high schools. In the fall of 2003, they conducted a city-wide survey of 1000 students to find out what students thought of their education, including everything from school staff, teaching and counseling, student leadership and relations, school facilities and safety, and beyond. Read more...

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Intermediary Guidebook: Making and Managing Community Connections for Youth            

01/01/00    Jobs for the Future and New Ways to Work, School-to-Work Intermediary Project

This guidebook is designed for people and organizations who are engaging in partnerships designed to promote young people's self-confidence about their abilities, increase their connections to adults and opportunities, and foster the academic and work-related competencies they need to succeed.

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Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development(Arts Educational Partnership: Council of Chief State School Officers )           

    Council of Chief State School Officers

This compendium has two purposes: 1) to recommend to researchers and funders promising lines of inquiry and study of the academic and social effects of learning in the arts and 2) to provide designers of arts education curriculum and instruction with insights found in the research that suggest strategies for deepening the arts learning experiences that are required to achieve those effects.

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Creating a Culture of Attachment: A Community-as-Text Approach to Learning(Milbrey McLaughlin and Martin J. Blank)           

    John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities at Stanford University, in Stanford, California and the Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership

Education Week, in its November 10, 2004 issue has published a commentary by Milbrey Mclaughlin and Martin Blank. This commentary reflects the Coalition's perspective that engaging and motivating young people to learn is essential for their academic and life success. It argues that for most young people, learning matters when it is personal, has meaning to them and serves a purpose.

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Community Schools: Promoting Student Success - A Rationale and Results Framework(Coalition for Community Schools)          337.5 KB

    Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership

The purpose of this document is twofold: First, to outline a rationale for the community school as a primary vehicle for increasing student success and strengthening families and community; and secondly, to define specific results that community schools seek—both in terms of how they function and in relationship to the well being of students, families and communities.

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