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Breaking the Mold- Community Schools & Expanded Learning Time Together Help Students Succeed

09/22/10     Center for American Progress

by: Isabel Owen

This paper discusses how the- community schools strategy, along with expanded learning time- can help close the achievement gap. The community schools strategy is for all students, especially students who are "educationally disadvantaged." [2]

The report examines three schools that have implemented both the community school strategy and expanded-learning-time model. The schools highlighted are Marquette Elementary and John C. Burroughs Elementary, both a part of the Chicago Community School Initiative and located in neighborhoods that face issues of high poverty and large immigrant populations. The third is a charter school in Camden, NJ, LEAP Academy University Charter School, which is also located in a high-poverty community.

Both models have been proposed as considerable investments as part of the broader federal education reform agenda by the Obama administration. Additionally, local, state, and nonfederal funding can help both reform efforts become increasingly available. "There is hope that the policymakers in Congress and in the Obama administration will recognize the positive, life-changing impacts community schools and expanded learning time models can have on students, their families, and their communities." [2,3] Download full report NOW!

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