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State Policy

Community schools continue to gain momentum across states as governors and legislators demonstrate support for the strategy. We have compiled a list of legislation and funding introduced or passed in 2016 and in recent sessions. 

2017 Legislation Introduced 
2016 Legislation Victories/Introduced

2017 Legislation Introduced

Georgia- SB30- Georgia Senate bill SB30 calls for the creation of a "Sustainable Community School Operational Grants" program that will give operational funding to implement the community schools strategy in eligible elementary and secondary schools. The bill also defines community schools and outlines the development of community schools plans.

Maryland- HB 1186- Delegate Mary Washington of Maryland introduced bill HB1186, cross-filed SB 927, which would levy an excise tax on legal sales of marijuana and send proceeds to the state’s juvenile services. 50% of these proceeds would go through a dedicated funding stream to supporting students through strategies like community schools.

Minnesota- HF 146/SF 7- Minnesota House Bill HF 146 and Senate Bill SF 7 aim to provide additional funding for community schools. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has proposed $2M in new funding, and the legislative sponsors proposed $10M through these two new bills.

Texas- HB/SB 193- The Texas House and Senate have introduced their own respective SB and HB 193 bills supporting community schools. The bills establish the nature of a "Texas community school", the essential components--including a coordinator--and lists the strategy as one of many that can be implemented for low-performing schools in the state. The bill also outlines guidelines for partnerships with Texas community schools from community organizations. 

Virginia- HB 2434- Virginia House Bill 2434, otherwise dubbed the "Community Schools Efficiency Act," proposes a community schools pilot program for Virginia. The bill also sets aside a "community schools planning fund" for community schools planning grants.

Washington- HB 1618- Washington state House Bill 1618 proposes funding for "family and community engagement coordinators" at the district level. The bill defines the role and responsibilities of a coordinator, as well as how the role of a coordinator is essential for family and community engagement efforts at the local level. 

To see past legislation. Click here. 



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