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Policy Pulse

Policy Pulse Latest Action Alert
Protect Funding for Community Schools
Reach out to your members of Congress to Protect the Programs that Support Community Schools for FY 2018

By December 8, Congress will need to pass a final budget for FY 2018 (until then we are operating under a Continuing Resolution which keeps programs level-funded until a final budget is passed). They need to hear from you to communicate the importance of the multiple programs that support community schools.

Two programs are particularly vulnerable right now: Full-Service Community Schools, which was funded at $10 million in the House but not funded in the Senate and has 21 current grantees; and Title II funds that go toward educator professional development and was eliminated in the House. In addition, we seek to protect funding for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, which at $1.1 billion provides core funding for after-school programs and community schools; and Title I, which at $15.4 billion goes to low-income school districts to improve student outcomes and can pay for coordinators. Finally, we seek to increase funding for Title IV Part A, the new block grant in the Every Student Succeeds Act that can be used to fund community schools. This block grant is authorized at $1.6 billion but only received $400 million in FY 2017.

Take action here to call on Congress to protect and increase funding for these programs to ensure our young people and their families and communities can continue to learn and thrive. Thanks for taking 2 minutes to make a big difference!


The Coalition Team

What is Policy Pulse?

Policy Pulse videos deliver high-quality news on the latest in federal and state policy relating to community schools in four minutes or less.  Featuring Mary Kingston Roche, Public Policy Director for the Coalition for Community Schools, these videos aim to keep you on top of developments in education policy that impact community schools so that you can be engaged and active in these policy developments, and ready to advocate for the community schools in your community. Thanks for watching!





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