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Ontario, CA: Closed Ontario schools may be transformed into ‘community hubs’

Karen Pitre, head of an advisory group on how to ease the way for community hubs, has proposed a system in which an Ontario school at risk of closure would not be required to be sold at fair market value if it is deemed to be in the public interest. The various uses of schools, such as daycares and clinics, could also be recognized under the new system, which would change how the school is valued. Read More >

Community Schools as a Model for a Civil Rights-Oriented ESEA

The reauthorization of the ESEA is an opportunity for Congress to bring education policy back to its civil rights roots and address educational inequities. An important step would be to use the legislation to make it easier for schools to adopt the community school strategy, which reduces external barriers to learning and has proven to narrow the achievement gap. Read More >

Nearly 200 Civil Rights, Community Groups Send Letter to Senate Demanding Fair & Equitable Reforms to ESEA Reauthorization

This week, nearly 200 civil rights and community organizations sent a letter to Senators McConnell and Reid demanding that the ESEA reauthorization bill put an end to high stakes tests. They are calling for investments in community schools that will help Black and Brown communities instead. Read More >

Senate Bill Keeps After-School and Community Schools in ESEA

Funding for before- and after-school programs and full-service community schools grants were protected by the Senate in the reauthorization of the ESEA that passed last week. This is in stark contrast with the House of Representatives, which is seeking to cut funding for many education programs in its reauthorization bill. Read More >

Cincinnati, OH: Senator Brown Pushes Cincy-Modeled Education Program

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) recently pushed for the full-service community schools amendment that would allow education officials to provide local schools with grants to fund the implementation of the full service community schools strategy. The amendment was passed 53-44 and will be part of the bipartisan bill that will take the place of No Child Left Behind. Read More >

Letter: Assembly Should Pass Community Schools Act

Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes recently introduced the Community Schools Act to legislators in Buffalo. This bill would provide funds to low-income and low-performing schools so they can provide the necessary services that their students need. The city of Buffalo hopes to transform their traditional schools into community schools so students can focus more on the classroom and learning. Read More >

Rawlings-Blake to Announce $4.2 Million in After-School Funding

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake plans to announce an additional $4.2 million in funding towards after-school and summer-school programs. She says that she wants to make Baltimore a city people want to live in, and intends on doing this by strengthening the sense of community through the implementation of community schools. Family League of Baltimore and the Associated Black Charities will be receiving a portion of the funding to help develop the programs. Read More >

Maddox: The concept of community schools is a good one

Scott Maddox, a former mayor and current city commissioner, believes that Community Schools are a good idea. Maddox explains that combining education, health care, community services, and inviting the whole family in creates an environment that fosters greater academic achievement. Therefore, he is suggesting that a plan needs to be created to implement more community schools throughout Florida. Read More >

Can Jim Kenney Bring Community Schools to Philadelphia?

Jim Kenney, democratic mayoral nominee, says that if he is elected, he will transform 25 traditional public schools into community schools. He is aware of the students’ great need for more support and wants to provide them with this support through the installation of community schools. He has seen the community schools work wonders in cities like Cincinnati and thinks they would do the same in Philly. Read More >

2015 Community School Award for Excellence Winners Announced

Congratulations to our newest Awardees - Initiative: Family League of Baltimore and United Way of Salt Lake School: Benjamin Franklin High School at Masonville Cove; The Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School; John Hancock College Prepatory High Schools; Social Justice Humanitas Academy; Wolfe Street Academy Read More >

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