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Community schools formally added to Baltimore schools portfolio

The Baltimore city school board approved a policy on October 24, 2016 that will formally add "community schools" which for years have been providing intensive wraparound services to city students – to the district's portfolio. The policy, which advocates have championed for years, creates a definition of the model and a framework for how they should run in the city. The policy also codifies the formal application process to operate under the designation and sets up a citywide steering committee Read More >

Can Community Schools Alleviate the Challenges of School Schedules on Working Parents?

The Center for American Progress analyzed the ways school schedules make it difficult for parents to balance being a committed parent and committed worker. The research found that misaligned school schedules cost the economy a lot of money. Some suggestions offered to make school schedules reflect work hours, are to get more funding for a longer school day and implement programs such as university-assisted community schools. Read More >

Community Schools Help Afterschool Work Flourish

An After School today article discusses the increased need to make afterschool a crucial part of a student’s education. Community schools offer a solution to this problem by bringing together families, the community and educators to motivate and engage students. Every community school addresses the individual needs of students with expanded learning opportunities and after school programs. Read More >

Randi Weingarten talks community schools in Washington Post interview

C.M Rubin, author of “The Global Search for Education” and “How Will we Read?” interviewed six people about what they would do if they were appointed the new Secretary of Education. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, was among those six people. During her interview, she discussed the current state of education and the importance of having a greater support for community schools. Read More >

US News- Extending the school year may not be the answer to helping students succeed

Due to the lack of traditional learning during the summer for students, some schools are working together to extend classroom time. Unfortunately extending the school year into summer vacation is not completely realistic and studies show that it will not improve the well-being of the student. Instead, schools must implement an approach that addresses the needs of these students, such as educational summer programs, longer school days, or year-round schools that include more breaks. Read More >

Randi Weingarten- Extending the school year is a temporary fix for a larger problem

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, discusses the challenges schools face in combatting summer learning loss. She stresses that simply extending the school year or school day is not an effective option as proven by several initiatives throughout the country. Randi highlights the importance of working with members of the community to create a solution that adequately addresses students’ needs. Read More >

Pittsburgh Takes Next Step Toward Implementation of Community Schools

The Pittsburgh Public School Board has decided to implement the community school strategy into its policy. Schools that will adopt the community school strategy will be chosen via an application process and an assessment of whether the schools have the capability and sustainability to implement the community school model. Supporters of this policy, including the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, believe that the impact of this model will level the playing field for Pittsburgh’s students. Read More >

Aspiring Community School Principal Featured in Local Magazine

Wendy Gonzalez, Principal of Lake Elementary School in San Pablo CA, is featured in the San Pablo Local First Summer Issue. Gonzalez is using the elements of a community school to create a more supportive environment for her students. Her ideal goal is for Lake Elementary to truly become the full definition of a community school. Read More >

Integrated Support Benefits Outweigh Costs - A New Report Shows

The Brookings Institute released a report that shows that community schools and similar approaches are beneficial in the long run, despite all of the costs that come with running a successful community school. Read More >

School-Based Health Centers: A Model for Making a Healthier, Brighter Future for Our Students

The Brookings Institute uses school-based health centers (SBHCs) as a model for the way that the health and education sectors can work together to support the health needs of students. This report addresses the issues surrounding this kind of collaborative work in health care, but it also identifies the necessary steps that SBHCs should take in order to combat these issues. Read More >

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