March Community Schools Advocacy Month


Join us for the launch
of March for Children & Youth Month!
With multiple challenges facing our children and youth at this moment in time--including racial tensions, gun violence, drug use, and other traumatic experiences--now more than ever, we need to work together as one voice to counter these forces. Join the Coalition, Afterschool Alliance, and American Federation of Teachers to support students in saying, "enough is enough," with the launch of March for Children & Youth Month.
Together we can increase policymakers' understanding of the issues and solutions that work to give more young people opportunities to learn and thrive. Take the first step by accessing our March for Children & Youth Month Playbook, Twitter Storm resources, one pager, and sample graphics
Upcoming Activity Information 

Champions for Children and Youth Twitter Chat 
Join the Coalition, American Federation of Teachers (AFT), The Afterschool Alliance, and our guest tweeter, Dena Donaldson, organizer of Texas-American Federation of Teachers, on March 29 for a "Champions for Children and Youth Twitter Chat" from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM EST. Tell the world about the strategies you use to advocate for community schools and other supportive policies and programs for children and youth, along with the policymaker champions that you have grown. To participate, please follow us @CommSchools and use #March4Youth.













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