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Advocacy Tool-kit

Ensure ALL students Learn and Thrive
Become a Community Schools Advocate

Reach out to policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels using the Community Schools Advocacy Toolkit

 Community Schools Advocacy Toolkit
 The community schools advocacy toolkit will help you prepare to  advocate for community schools on Capitol Hill as well as your  Statehouses. The advocacy toolkit provides various materials to  help you reach out to national, state and local partners. Some of  the resources available to help includes:

 • Social media posts (Sample Tweets are provided here)
 • Letter templates to help you advocate with legislators
 •Comprehensive guide on how to implement site visits

The toolkit will help you answer and develop strategies for the following questions:

What do you want to happen as a result of meeting with your legislator?
Which issues are important to your legislator?
Which issues do you most care about, and most heavily impact your mission and the population that you serve? 
How to advocate for community schools on social media?

Click here to access the toolkit.

The Coalition will be kicking off its first state and local advocacy month for community schools, through the month of March. Join the Coalition in asking our national, state and local partners to advocate through social media, meetings with legislators, and implementation of site visits. Click here to access the Twitter and Facebook social media storm.

Note: If you are using any tools that would be helpful for others, please email them to:
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