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2016 Legislation Victories

2016 Legislation Victories


SB 527 redirects cost savings from Proposition 47, which reduces penalties for low-level crimes, to preventive investments including education. More specifically, 25% of the funds go to the State Department of Education to administer a grant program in which community schools is listed at the top among uses of funds.


Two bills passed supporting community schools: HB 1139 requires the State Department of Education to notify school districts that federal Title I funds may be used for expenses associated with community school coordinators and for the coordination of school and community resources, and requires the Department to provide technical assistance to schools in applying for federal funding; and HB 1402 authorizes $7.5 million annually through 2021 for grants to school districts, community schools, and nonprofit organizations in the State to assist in expanding or creating extended day and summer enhancement programs.


The Minnesota legislation through its appropriations bill H.F. 2749 has approved $1 million to create more full-service community schools across the state to help meet the needs of students and families. This funding comes on the heels of a victory last year where community schools received a pilot grant from the legislature. 

New York

In New York's state budget, an unprecedented $175 million was included for full-service community schools. Of the $175 million, $100 million will go to over 200 high-need districts, and $75 million will go to persistently struggling and struggling schools. Click here for more information.

2016 Legislation Introduced


Introduced in February by Sen. David Bradley [D], Sen. Carlyle Begay [D], and Sen. Lynne Pancrazi [D], AZ SB 1462 is a community schools pilot program for the state of Arizona. The bill creates a three-year Arizona community schools pilot program that cannot surpass sixty thousand dollars. Any public middle school or junior high school is able to apply for the funds as long as they are dedicated to the strategy. Click here for more information. 


Sponsored by Senator Geraldine F. "Geri" Thompson, SB 1246 is a community Schools Initiative that requires the Florida Department of Education to implement the Reigniting Education Achievement with Coordinated Help (REACH) Program as a public-private partnership in the lowest-performing public schools. Community schools will be the primary vehicle for turning around these schools. Click here for more information. 

New Mexico

Sponsored by Michael Padilla, SB0177 makes an appropriation to the local government division of the Department of Finance and Administration for the amount of one hundred thousand dollars in order to fund an Integrated Services Initiative for Children and Families. While not directly referencing community schools, the bill calls for "extended learning opportunities, high-quality school-based health care, family engagement in learning and family supports and resources for children and families in a municipality with a population greater than six hundred thousand according to the most recent federal decennial census located in a class A county." 

S.B. 67 sponsored by Ann Millner [R], creates the Partnerships for Student Success Grant Program and also helps this program coordinate with existing community schools and other similar programs. Click here to learn more. 



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