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Place-Based Reforms for School Turnaround Subject of Upcoming Webinar


A brief description of the U.S. Department of Education’s upcoming June 1 webinar A Place Based Approach to School Turnaround:
Scores of communities and schools are incorporating elements of a comprehensive, "place-based" approach to their school turnaround strategy. This includes investing in and building the capacity of families and communities, as well as to integrating other social services to improve student and school outcomes. Many are using Promise Neighborhoods, Full Service Community Schools, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, School Improvement Grant, and other resources to support the approach. The webinar is an opportunity to share a broader framework for this strategy, explore promising practices in the field, and to facilitate interaction among practitioners. The objectives of the webinar are that (1) Participants will understand place-based and aligned strategies to improve student and school outcomes with specific attention to approaches for systemic family and community engagement, as well as leveraging and integrating other social services and resources; and (2) Create an opportunity for knowledge sharing between the Promise Neighborhoods, School Turnaround, Community Schools, and other learning communities.
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