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Oakland Unified School District NOW a Community Schools District!


Dr. Tony Smith, Superintendent of Oakland Unified School District has included the community schools strategy as part of the District’s strategic plan. In an public letter to the community he writes,

"On the narrow measure of test scores, we have failed to close the achievement gap. This progress also sits in a city where too many young people are dying violent deaths and too many families are crushed by poverty. To stop the hemorrhaging of human capital we must take bold and immediate action to change a system that cannot in its current form meet the needs of children. To reach our vision of engaging every child in joyful, productive learning, we have to move from a few full-service community schools to become a full-service community district. The full service community school, of which we now have many thriving examples in Oakland, is a place where the school has broadened its mission and vision to meet the needs of all of its students."

Please click here to download the summary version of the "OUSD Strategic Thinking & Opportunities" Board Strategy Session presentation.
Oakland Unified School District NOW a Community Schools District! Tony Smith, Superintendent, Oakland Unified School District
Photo by: Oakland Unified School District
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