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Civil Rights Groups Cite Community Schools as Best Turnaround Strategy


We know that good communities create the foundation for great schools. Public schools ,as the only mandatory community institutions, can serve as brokers for success, connecting students and parents with supports and resources. In transforming public schools into the hubs of their communities, teachers and principals should play lead roles, supported by mentors, counselors, and health providers.

-Framework for Providing All Students an Opportunity to Learn

A coalition of civil rights organizations has released the Framework for Providing All Students an Opportunity to Learn cites community schools as strategy to provide opportunities to learn to ALL students. They state, "The best approach to school turnaround is to reinvent low-performing schools as community schools, offering high-quality programs, strong instruction, and wraparound services."

Questioning the value of rapid school closure, the group stated, "Before a school district adopts any turnaround model that results in school closure, it should be required to employ a proven, effective community-based turnaround model with sufficient time and support for that model to bear fruit under normal implementation conditions."

The group hopes the Administration will adopt the recommendations in their framework for current discretionary education spending and ESEA reauthorization, and call for an increase in community engagement at all levels. To see how community schools across the nation are creating opportunities to learn for all students, click here.

Read Ed Week’s k-12 blog to get the latest dialogue around the release of this framework.

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