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The Coalition Supports Communities in Schools Houston

Yesterday the Houston School District reopened its doors to thousands of students who now struggle with the trauma to themselves, their families and their communities due to Hurricane Harvey. Read More >

Dissolving DACA Makes No Sense Economically and Socially

s an immigrant and proud citizen of the United States, I cannot be silent about the proposed ending of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Read More >

Community School Awardee Pearl-Cohn High School Uses Music to Heal Hate

In the week following the tragic events of Charlottesville, Metro Nashville Public Schools Director of Schools Dr. Shawn Joseph emailed the staff with insights on leading with empathy. Read More >

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Larry C. Simmons a Community Schools Coordinator at Elev8 Baltimore, a division of Humanim, works in five schools by partnering with families, and the community to make sure that students in grades 3rd - 8th are ready to succeed in High School and Life. Read More >

Strong Collaborative Relationships for Strong Community Schools Brief by National Education Policy Center

Strong Collaborative Relationships for Strong Community Schools brief examines research on educational leadership and the importance—for school climate, student learning and relations—of strong collaborative relationships between community partners, teachers and school leaders. Read More >

Sprint is Committing Over 30,000 hotspots to NYC's Community Schools

Sprint is committing over 30,000 hotspots to NYC’s Community Schools – the largest contribution of its kind in the United States. Read More >

Washington Post: Americans Support Traditional Public Schools

Americans express support for traditional public schools in new poll, A majority of Americans polled also said they oppose programs that use public money for private and religious school education. Read More >

Interpersonal Skills, Wraparound Services, and Career Development are What Americans Want to See in Public Schools

The 49th report survey results show that Americans believe local public schools should be providing wraparound services, including mental health programs and after-school programs. Read More >

Education Week: Americans Want Schools to Help Poor Kids with Health Care Poll Says

Schools should provide services like after-school programs, mental health supports, and health services for students who don't have access to them elsewhere, a majority of respondents to a national poll said. Read More >

IEL Condemns White Supremacist Demonstrations in Charlottesville

The terrible occurrence of violence in Charlottesville is a painful reminder that hate, racism, and xenophobia still exist. Read More >

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