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New Brief Names Community Schools as an Evidence-Based and Equity Focused School Improvement Strategy

Read the new brief by the 
National Education Policy Center and Learning Policy Institute, entitled Community Schools: An Evidence-Based Strategy for Equitable School Improvement. The brief demonstrates how community schools can be a successful strategy for improving schools under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA.) 

View the above video of Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, President and CEO of Learning Policy Institute and Julia Daniel, Ph.D. candidate in Educational Foundations at the University of Colorado Boulder. Their remarks focus on why evidence supports that well-implemented community schools being included as part of targeted and comprehensive intervention strategy help meet the educational needs of low-achieveing students. The new brief also focuses on how policymakers who want to incorporate a community schools’ strategy into their ESSA state plans—as well as other plans for state and local school improvements—can benefit from the following research-based recommendations highlighted in the 

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