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The Community Agenda

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The Community Agenda for America's Public Schools

October 1, 2008 Vol. V, No. 16

The Community Agenda for America's Public Schools
was unveiled at the National Press Club on September 24, 2008! There were over 100 people in attendance to hear about this action plan put forth by the Coalition for Community Schools and over 120 endorsing organizations. The endorsers represent organizations in education, community engagement, family engagement and support, health and mental health, higher education, local and state organizations, local government, national community school networks, policy, training, and advocacy, youth development, career development, and after school. Click here to view the full video of the briefing.

The panelists for this event included: Anne Bryant, National School Boards Association; Warren Simmons, The Annenberg Institute for School Reform; Linda Juszczak, National Assembly on School Based Health Care; Jodi Grant, The After School Alliance; Randi Weingarten, The American Federation of Teachers; Ira Harkavy, Netter Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania; and Martin Blank, Coalition for Community Schools.

Each panelist emphasized the importance of coordination and collaboration between support services and schools.  They argued that schools need to once again become the hubs of their communities, stressing that communities and schools are fundamentally and positively connected. This idea---fully embraced---would make all Americans responsible and accountable for excellent schools and the positive development for all our young people. Click here to see what each panelist had to say!

The event was a great success, but we still need your help in spreading the message! Email your friends and get them to become endorsers; share the videos of the panelists discussing The Community Agenda and its relevance to their work; and distribute copies of The Community Agenda! Email Shital C. Shah ( to obtain copies.

Finally, we have created some tools to help you spread the word : PowerPoint presentation, Press Release template, The Community Agenda fact sheet, etc., which you can share with your local leaders, communities, and colleagues.

We, citizens, community organizations, local government and businesses, and others, can no longer view education as the exclusive responsibility of the schools. We must step up to the plate and get involved! If you have any questions, please contact: Shital C. Shah, Research Associate,

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