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Taking Community Schools to Scale

Taking Community Schools to Scale

November 28, 2012
1pm EST
An increasing number of schools are using the community school strategy to forge partnerships between schools, local organizations, institutions of higher education, and others with the intention of improving results for children and families. They are providing innovative academic and non-academic supports – with great success. But what’s the next step? How do you showcase the gains your community school initiative has made both explicitly and implicitly? How do you add more schools and build a system of community schools? What’s the best way to bring in additional partnerships? Learn how developing community school systems in Ogden, UT, Redwood City, CA, and Toledo, OH are taking their initiatives to the next level. 
Kathleen Bideaux – Ogden Community Schools (Ogden School District)
Sandra Portasio – Redwood 2020 (Redwood City School District)
Angeline Lee – Schools as Community Hubs (United Way of Toledo)

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