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Spotlight: Financing Community Schools!

Spotlight: Financing Community Schools!

In a new Coalition report, Financing Community Schools: Leveraging Resources to Support Student Success, the Coalition finds that community schools have organized themselves to address constant financial challenges by breaking down funding silos and leveraging resources to support students. The report clearly shows that community schools efficiently leverage dollars to support student learning.
The report highlights five findings:
1. Community schools use the bulk of their resources to directly assist schools in meeting their core instructional mission, while also strengthening the health and well-being of students, families and neighborhoods.

2. Community schools leverage $3 for every dollar invested by school districts.

3. Collaborative leadership structures support finance and other key functions at the school and system level.

4. A mix of public and private sector partners expands financial, as well as technical and political capacity.

5. Full-time site coordination contributes essential site level capacity at minimal cost.

See the full report or executive summary for more details on the findings, lessons for practitioners, and recommendations for policymakers.

Coalition Update: Report to the Field

You may have noticed that the newsletter has undergone renovations. Most notably, we changed the publication name to "Community Schools Exchange" to convey the importance of collaboration. So make your voice heard! Please send feedback to
New San Francisco Council Advances Community School Vision
White House Supports Funding for Community School Coordinators
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Research, Publications and Tools

Community Schools in Tulsa Outperform Traditional Schools
The data results show community schools who have fully developed the model are the most successful in leveling the playing field for students and helping them achieve success – especially those students affected by poverty. Learn more about the Tulsa findings here.

Book Release! Curt Adams, evaluator to the Tulsa Area Community Schools and his colleagues explain why and how collective trust is essential in the operation of schools in his new book: Collective Trust: Why Schools Can't Improve Without It. He evaluates ways to form productive school communities that have as their central goal the academic and social welfare of the students. Click here to order the book.

New Report on High-Quality OST
This report evaluates how five cities have improved their out-of-school-time programs through reducing inefficiency and redundancy, increasing cooperation, and increasing the accessibility and quality of the programs. Read more here.
WEBINAR- Health & Education Policy: Improving Student Outcomes Webinar presenters Martin J. Blank, Joshua Rovner, Director of Policy and Advocacy, National Assembly on School-Based Health Care and Marilyn Crumpton, MD, MPH Director, Growing Well Cincinnati discuss how community schools and school-based health centers are joining forces to improve outcomes for youth in many places across the country. They shed light on current policies supporting this work and how these policies can be improved to provide sustained support. Access webinar here.
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Opportunities and Events

February 24, 2011
NEW! Coalition webinar: Community Schools & Youth Engagement
Guest presenters from three Beacon sites and The Youth Development Institute will focus on the ways in which youth are engaged as partners with adults to improve themselves and communities. Be on the lookout for registration announcement!
March 30- April 1, 2011 (Early bird rate ends Jan. 31st!)
Seattle Community Schools Learning Laboratory
Designed for both practitioners and policy makers, the Lab will explore the reciprocal relationship between practice and policy in the community schools movement. Participants will explore the development of policies at the state, city, district and school levels to support and sustain community schools work. View event and register now!
June 26-29, 2011
National School-Based Health Care Convention
The conference will be held in Chicago as to emphasize our Midwest region. Join us for a deeper dialogue about how the partnerships between school based health centers and community schools can breed stronger communities and healthier, more successful youth. Click here to view the event website and register now!

February 26, 2011
Voices in Action: National Youth Summit
The Obama Administration will be hosting a National Youth Summit in Washington, DC to galvanize young people to shape strategies to provide pathways for all youth to be on track to achieve high school and post-secondary credentials.

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