Equity Resources

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  •  2017 Equity Resources

September 2017

August 2017 
July 2017 
 April 2017 

Guide to College for LGBTQ students.

Report on What Makes a City a Sanctuary Now

How to take the Steps to Doing Racial Equity Work

Equity Oriented State Leaders Give 9 Ideas to Stimulate School Improvement

Black Student Success Means Top List

March 2017 
Letter to Republican Administration Asking to Maintain Transgender Critical Guidance 

When School Doesn't Seem Fair, Students May Suffer Lasting Effects 

A Look at Black Student Success

Between the Echoes: What Real Classroom Engagement Sounds Like

February 2017 

Youth Service America: Be An Everyday Young Hero Tipsheet on raising awareness about Refugees

Documenting Stories of Immigration in Your Community: A Manual for Teachers and Students

Nine Voluntary Agencies that have Cooperative Agreements with the State Department to Resettle Refugees 

Lawyers Interested in Offering Services to Immigrants and Refugees 

Ensuring Safe and Supportive School Assistance/ School Climate Improvement Resources  

Measuring Medical Students' Preparedness and Skills to Provide Cross-Cultural Care 

Collaborating for Equity and Justice: Moving Beyond Collective Impact 

Remedying School Segregation 

January 2017

Learning First Alliance: Resources Addressing Hate and Harassment in Schools

 Economic Policy Institute: Mass Incarceration and Children's Outcomes

The Century Foundation: Remedying School Segregation

Will the Past be Repeated Part 1 & Part 2 

Learning Policy Institute: Using ESSA and the New Regulations to Advance Educational Opportunity Webinar Recording

2016 Equity Resources 

December 2016 
Scholastic Survey Looks at Education Equity

Portland Press Herald: No Vote on Question 2 Should Improve Education Equity in Maine

U.S. Dept. of Education Awards $836,000 to 3 States for Asian American Pacific Islander Data Desegregation Initiativ

Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' Educational Equity Office First to be named a 'Safe Zone'

October 2016
Obama’s legacy, My Brother’s Keeper will be an important pillar (Washington Post)

Corporal Punishment: A Persistent Practice Webinar (Education Week)

Advancing Equity through ESSA: Strategies for State Leaders (Aspen Institute)

Let’s Talk About Equity: Strategies for Changemakers

How Cities Can Advance Racial Equity through Community Conversations

Ten Lessons for Taking Leadership On Racial Equity

Black Teachers Matter

Reclaiming the Promise of Racial Equity

August 2016  
Editorial: Ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline is Village Work - NBC 

Resources to Help Students Cope with Trauma (School-Based Health Alliance

Helping Principals Build Partnerships a Principal's Guide to Healthy and Sustainable School-Community Relationships (Book by Ed d Bernard Gassaway)

Love Isn't All We Need In America Right Now (Equity Express)

Ban School Suspensions (The Week)

Writing Course for Social Justice Teachers (Teaching for Change)

Inside Look: Using the New Federal Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) Dataset to Assess Sexual Minority Youth (GLESEN Webinar)


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