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School Improvement Grant Implementation Webinar

Community Schools: A Vehicle for School Improvement Grant Implementation

February 28, 2011

Family and community engagement are central to the School Improvement Grant (SIG) strategy. The challenge for SIG leaders lies in encouraging local school districts and schools to deeply engage their families and communities not only in planning for school turnaround, but also in ensuring that students have all the supports and opportunities they need to succeed. The community schools strategy does just that. Embraced by the U.S. Department of Education and many local communities, the Coalition for Community Schools encourages you to consider it as well.

The purpose of this webinar was to explore how the community schools strategy supports SIG efforts to turn around low-performing schools, to outline key elements of SIG guidelines related to the community schools approach. The presenters also discuss why and how a school district is using the community school strategy to turn around low-performing schools.

This webinar may be useful to:
• state leaders responsible for Title I and SIG grants and for supporting districts and schools using the grants;
• district leaders responsible for Title I and SIG grants; and
• school leaders implementing a SIG model.
Listen to the audio webinar (20MB mp3).
Download the PowerPoint presentation.

Martin J. Blank, President, Institute for Educational Leadership; Director, Coalition for Community Schools
Carlas McCauley, Education Program Specialist and Team Lead for the School Improvement Grants, US Department of Education
Reuben Jacobson, Senior Associate for Research and Strategy, Coalition for Community Schools
Guadalupe Guerrero, Assistant Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District
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