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Past Webinars

Missed our webinar? Click on the corresponding links below to access the PowerPoint presentations and/or listen to the audio simultaneously of past webinar presentations on a variety of policy and practitioner topics. Enjoy! (If you have suggestions for future webinar topics, please email:


Family and Community Engagement in Addressing Childhood Trauma Webinar / PPT slides from webinar
Community Schools an Evidence-Based Strategy for Equitable School Improvement webinar / PPT slides from webinar 


Aligining Networks to Enable Every Student to Thrive 

Addressing Trauma in Community Schools /PPT slides from webinar 

Starting a Community School

FCE Learning Webinar

Well Rounded Education: Learning In Community Schools

An Overview of the Every Student Succeeds Act and What It Means for Community-School Partnerships

The Every Student Succeeds Act, Title I: Opportunities for Community-School Partnerships 

ESSA: Opportunities for Community-School Partnerships

Partners in Time: Building School-Community Models

Mobilizing Families and Communities

Community Schools and Equity: Changing Systems

My Brother's Keeper and Community Schools

Community Schools and Community Organizing

Community Schools and Equity: Our Framework

Community School Facilities: Authentic Engagement, Shared Space, and Neighborhood Hubs

Strengthening Community School Partnerships: The Role of School Boards

The Promise of Universities in School Reform

The Growing Convergence of Community Schools and Expanded Learning Opportunities Build Your Fiscal Fitness

Community Schools Education Day - Webinar Series
  • Federal and State Policy 101
  • How to Advocate

Early Learning and Child Development in Community School Settings

Cincinnati Community Learning Centers Webinar Series

Teacher Voice: How Unions Support Community School Initiatives

Child Tax Credit Outreach (presented by the National Women's Law Center)

Taking Community Schools to Scale

Community Schools and Other Place-Based Strategies

Marketing the Community Schools Concept

Race to the Top District Applications: Planning for Partnerships

Expanded Learning Time and Opportunities: The Community Schools Way

A Conversation with David Kirp

National Call to Action: Making the Case for Community Schools

Community Schools: Reading on Grade Level by the End of 3rd Grade

Community Schools: Effectively & Efficiently Investing in Our Youth

Community Schools: A Vehicle for School Improvement Grant Implementation

Youth Engagement in Community Schools: Promising Practices from the National Beacons Initiative

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships Guide Webinar Series:
October 24: A General Overview of the Scaling Up Guide: What's in the Guide, how it works, and how to use it in your community
(Download a PDF of the Presentation) (Download an Audio Recording)

November 2: Session 1 - A school, an intermediary, a community: What does a scaled up system of community schools look like?
(Download a PDF of the Presentation) (Download an Audio Recording)

Nov. 16: Session 2 - Getting going: Deciding to scale up 
(Download a PDF of the Presentation) (Download an Audio Recording)

Nov. 30: Session 3 - Develop an operating framework and planning for scale up
(Download a PDF of the Presentation) (Download an Audio Recording) 

Dec. 14: Session 4 - Scale up for sustainability and implementation
(Download a PDF of the Presentation) (Download an Audio Recording)

The National League of Cities and Coalition for Community Schools held a joint webinar November 30 - Launching and Scaling Up a Community Schools Strategy: The Role of Cities
(Download a PDF of the Presentation) (Download an Audio Recording)

Investing in Innovation Fund (i3): Implications for Community Schools

Federal Grant: Full-Service Community Schools

United Ways and Community Schools: Lessons from the Field

The 5 Essential Pillars of Transforming Schools

Community Schools & School-Based Health Centers: Together the Vehicles for Student Success

Chronic Absences in the Early Grades, A Closer Look at New York City and Baltimore

What Does the Federal Stimulus Package Mean for Community Schools?

Why Are More Policymakers Supporting Community Schools?

Title I and Community Schools

Race to the Top: Implications for Community Oriented Schools (aka. Community Schools)
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