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Partners in Time: Building School-Community Models

Partners in Time: Building School-Community Models
This event took place on Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 2 to 3 p.m. ET.

Traditional after-school art, sports, or computer science programs run by local groups don’t cut it anymore in many districts. Schools and community-based organizations are forging deeper connections amid a growing recognition that children and teenagers need more resources than any school or nonprofit can provide on its own. It’s not easy giving up some control and merging cultures, but schools and community groups are learning to become partners in education.

Rochester, N.Y., city schools and local community service groups have been at the forefront of these collaborations, as the district adds more time to the school day to give students access to enrichment activities that wealthier families take for granted. The Coalition for Community Schools, another early adopter, created a model where it’s hard to tell where school leaves off and enrichment begins. Join this webinar for tips from educators and advocates on how to build lasting school-community partnerships.

  • Martin J. Blank, president, Institute for Educational Leadership, and director, Coalition for Community Schools
  • Bolgen Vargas, superintendent, Rochester city school district, N.Y.
  • Moderator:
  • Kathryn Baron, contributing writer, Education Week

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