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October 2016 Newsletter



 Vol. XV - Issue 10 - October 2016

In This Issue

Principals and Community Schools

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To celebrate our principals during National Principals Month, the Coalition compiled a variety of resources for principals implementing or looking to implement the community school strategy. Principals play a key role in community schools. They are central to promoting the community school vision and making sure the strategy goes according to plan. School leaders ensure that implementation satisfies local needs, aligns with the school’s academic mission, and generates data to inform improvements in community-wide policy and site practice. Read More >

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Better Together: Community Schools and Equity 


As the Coalition shines a light on equity, we continue to share resources and tools on racial, class, gender, and LGBTQ+ equity issues as well as stories on what community schools are doing to support equity. Below are this month’s resources.

 ·         Obama’s legacy, My Brother’s Keeper will be an important pillar (Washington Post)
 ·         Corporal Punishment: A Persistent Practice Webinar (Education Week)
 ·         Advancing Equity through ESSA: Strategies for State Leaders (Aspen Institute)




Partner Spotlight: American Youth Policy Forum



We are happy to share our October partner spotlight, with Carinne Deeds from American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF). Learn more about AYPF's mission, and their work to ensure youth are properly represented in the national policy agenda. Carinne shares upcoming AYPF webinars that you may find useful and explains how their work connects to community schools. Read More >

Opportunities and Resources


Patterns of Practice: Case Studies of Early Childhood Development in Community Schools

The Institute for Educational Leadership's Family & Community Engagement team has released a new report, Patterns of Practice: Case Studies of Early Childhood Education & Family Engagement in Community Schools, which highlights efforts in nine different communities to develop early childhood and community engagement strategies through community schools. Read More >

How Can Communities Better Understand New ESSA Opportunities?

Knowledge Works provides guiding questions for working within communities to better understand the new opportunities for accountability and assessment under ESSA. Read More >           

A Practical Guide to Building Effective School-Based Partnerships

The William Penn Foundation released a guide entitled Partnering for Student Success: A Practical Guide to Building Effective School-Based Partnerships to support the creation of strong school-based partnerships. Read More >





Can Community Schools Alleviate the Challenges of School Schedules on Working Parents?

The Center for American Progress (CAP) analyzed the ways school schedules make it difficult for parents to balance being a committed parent and worker. CAP’s suggested solutions include aligning school schedules to reflect work hours by extending the school day and implementing programs such as university-assisted community schools. Read More >

Erie’s Community School Initiative Continues to Progress

Erie, PA School District’s community school initiative started this school year, providing services and opportunities for students and allowing teachers to focus on teaching. Read More >

NYC Libraries, Google, and Sprint Announce Initiative to Offer Wi-Fi to Community School Students and Families

Carmen Fariña, the Schools Chancellor in New York City, announced a new Library HotSpot program, a partnership with 46 libraries, Google, and Sprint to offer Wi-Fi for community schools students and families with no internet. Read More >

More News 



The Coalition for Community Schools believes that strong communities require strong schools and strong schools require strong communities. We envision a future in which schools are centers of thriving communities where everyone belongs, works together, and succeeds. The Coalition advances opportunities for the success of children, families and communities by promoting the development of more and more effective, community schools. The Coalition for Community Schools is housed at the Institute for Educational Leadership in Washington, D.C.

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