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Re-connecting Youth to Opportunity: ED Announces the Performance Partnership Pilots Program

Community Schools are already creatively crossing systems to create new opportunities for our most disconnected youth to achieve better outcomes. With this work in mind, we encourage you to apply to become a Performance Partnership Pilot (P3) to test innovative, outcome-focused strategies for achieving significant improvements in educational, employment, and other key outcomes for disconnected youth. Read More >

Last month, a group of more than 30 staff from various congressional offices and federal departments traveled to Baltimore to see community schools in action. Visiting three schools (Patterson High School, Fort Worthington Elementary School, and Tench Tilghman), participants explored how schools across Baltimore are thinking strategically and working together as part of the Baltimore City Community Schools Initiative. Read More >

Weingarten on Community Schools

The American Federation for Teacher's President, Randi Weingarten praised New York Mayor de Blasio's commitment to Community Schools saying, "I think it's audacious, I think it's terrific." Read More >

Why People Are ‘Walking-In’ For Public Schools

Jeff Bryant of the Education Opportunity Network highlights why folks around the country are standing up and rallying for Community Schools. Actions throughout the week have been lifting up the power of this movement. As Bryant states, "Today’s nationwide walk-ins should be a call to all Americans to demand our leaders abandon current public education policies and begin implementing what would truly represent a more positive direction forward." Read More >

Demonstrators Rally in Pittsburgh to Support Community Schools Across U.S.

"Great Public Schools Pittsburgh today rallied in favor of community schools outside the headquarters of Pittsburgh Public Schools in Oakland, one of about 15 such demonstrations across the country," explains Eleanor Chute of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Joining forces and taking action, those who rallied emphasized how community schools stabilize communities and go beyond the "status quo." Read More >

"My Community School is Awesome" - Sponsored by the Chicago Federation for Community Schools

Vote for your favorite "My Community School is Awesome" video entry! Read More >

Video: AFT Rallies for $10 Million More for Baltimore Community Schools

Speaking about her beloved community school in Baltimore, 7th grader Chelsea Gimler passionately stated that “It makes our communities better, it makes our children better, and it will make our generation better as a whole”. Gimler’s statement was just one of many highlighted in a video released by AFT demanding $10 million to continue and expand the thriving Baltimore community schools initiative. Read More >

Press Release: New York City Mayor Announces $150 Million Investment to Convert Lowest-Performing Schools Into Community Schools

Mayor de Blasio has been an advocate for more community schools and has backed up his support with historic levels of resources to support 40 new community schools – and now he’s taking his support of community schools to another level. He announced that 94 of the city’s struggling schools will be getting the Community School makeover. Committing over $150 million, de Blasio is making a point – he believes in community schools! Read More >

Helping Children from Low-Income Families Succeed in Class

“There are six grantees (at 11 schools) operating Community School partnerships in the District, but the model should be expanded to all high-poverty schools,” says Jenny Reed and Soumya Bhat of the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute in their Washington Post Opinion. They offer many suggestions for helping low-income students succeed in school – all of which are part of the community schools strategy. Read More >

CEOSE: Recommendation for a Bold New Initiative for Broadening Participation

The Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (CEOSE), in its newest report, recommends that the "NSF should implement a bold new initiative, focused on broadening participation of underrepresented groups in STEM ….” We are especially excited that the report explicitly calls, in effect, for an anchor institutions approach, involving higher education-school-community partnerships as a means for broadening participation for all groups across all levels of schooling. Read More >

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