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Are Community Schools the Key to Fixing Education?

Beginning with a young girl’s community school story, Thomas MacMillan presents the arguments around the current nationwide push for a holistic approach in education. With specific emphasis on the ways in which community schools are a strategy rather than sets of programs, MacMillan presents an introduction to the community schools initiative. Read More >

"Full-Service Schools More Than Places to Learn"

Brooklyn Center Community Schools are highlighted as helping Minnesota students and families to lead healthier and more community-engaged lives. Responding to skeptics, partners explain that the positive impacts of community school initiatives cannot be shown merely through test scores, but also through quality of life for students and their families. Read More >

"Time Well Spent: School District Strategies that Help Students Get the Most from Expanded Learning Time"

The Coalition's partner, Partnership for Children and Youth, recently released their newest report: "Time Well Spent: School District Strategies that Help Students Get the Most from Expanded Learning Time." In it, the non profit out of Oakland, CA "identifies characteristics of the best expanded-learning programs, based on site visits and interviews with dozens of experts, school administrators, and after-school program coordinators." Read More >

Policy and Systems Change, the COFI Way

COFI (Community Organizing and Family Issues) recently released a new report. In it they share a "step-by-step process of training, supporting, and organizing parents to be powerful advocates for change." You may be surprised to hear from prominent policymakers and their views about what happens when parents are involved. Read More >

Deputy NY Mayor Buery & UFT President Mulgrew to Tour Cincinnati Community Schools

New York City Deputy Mayor Richard Buery and U.F.T President Michael Mulgrew will visit Cincinnati Community Schools in preparation for the NYC push for 100 new community schools by 2018. Buery’s interest in Cincinnati lies within the district’s effort to have “a system of community schools”, a goal which New York City strives to achieve in the coming years. Read More >

Austin Schools on the Verge of Closing, Now Success Story

“I guess it just makes it easier to know you have a lot of people there” says Celia Alvarez, a senior at Reagan Early College High School, a part of the Reagan Community School Initiative. Explore the story of two Austin, Texas schools completely transformed through collaboration with their communities, united to maximize educational opportunities for local students. Read More >

Learning Payoff Found for 'City Connects' Program

"By the start of middle school, The Afterschool Corp. estimates that children in poverty have received 6,000 fewer hours of learning outside of school—both enrichment and support—than their middle-income peers." City Connects in Boston, is changing the tide for those students. They are connecting them to enrichment activites in their local communities, and those connections are helping students make academic gains. Read More >

Press Release: Dozens of Congressional and Executive Branch Staff Travel to Baltimore to Study Community Schools

On Monday, October 6, over thirty Congressional and executive branch staff along with Coalition national partners will spend a day in Baltimore, MD learning about the city’s community schools initiative. Participants represent members of Congress on the House and Senate education and appropriations committees as well as four federal agencies. The study tour is co-hosted by the Coalition for Community Schools, Family League of Baltimore, Baltimore City Public Schools, and Elev8 Baltimore. Read More >

‘Dems for Public Ed’ Releases Poll Showing Overwhelming Support for Public Schools

"Today, Democrats For Public Education (DPE) released the results of a national voter survey recently commissioned on public schools and public education. Conducted by Harstad Strategic Research – a Colorado-based firm which worked on President Barack Obama’s 2008 election and 2012 re-election – this poll shows how voters back public education in large numbers." Read More >

Cincinnati School is Hub for Price Hill Community

"By partnering with community organizations Roberts Academy Community Learning Center (Cincinnati, OH) strives to meet family, student and community needs. From english classes for newly arrived immigrants, to a farm stand providing fresh produce, to adopt-a-class partnerships, along with many other services Roberts Academy provides supports for the whole community." Check out this AFT video lifting up the work at Roberts. Read More >

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