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Orlando, FL: UCF Earns $900,000 to Help K-12 Students Succeed in School

In 2014 UCF and its partners launched the Center for Community Schools and Child Welfare. UCF has now earned $900,000 in state funding due to its community schools initiatives. This will enable more schools to come online and will help selected schools with first-year operational costs. Read More >

Community schools drum up support in Austin, Baltimore

Struggling schools in both Austin and Baltimore have been saved by adopting a community school strategy. Close school-community relationships have significantly impacted these communities and are changing the conversation at the state level. Read More >

Nearly 200 Civil Rights, Community Groups Send Letter to Senate Demanding Fair & Equitable Reforms to ESEA Reauthorization

This week, nearly 200 civil rights and community organizations sent a letter to Senators McConnell and Reid demanding that the ESEA reauthorization bill put an end to high stakes tests. They are calling for investments in community schools that will help Black and Brown communities instead. Read More >

Philadelphia, PA: Two kinds of community schools

The concept of community schools is growing in areas such as Philadelphia, where both mayoral candidate Jim Kenney and City Council President Darrell Clarke have voiced support for this strategy. However, it must be understood that there are two broad approaches to community schools: “communities in schools” and ”communities and schools.” Read More >

IEL Hosts Successful National Family and Community Engagement Conference

From June 22-24, over 1,100 educators, parent leaders, community partners, and district leaders gathered in Chicago for the 2015 National Family and Community Engagement Conference. Participants learned about the different types of family and community engagement practices across the country. The conference consisted of site visits, plenaries, and workshops with a focus on the conference’s theme of Shaping our Future by Leading Together: Families, Schools, and Community. Read More >

Washington, DC: Using schools and clinics as hubs to create healthy communities: The example of Briya/Mary’s Center

A paper published by the Brookings Institute provides an initial examination of the impact of community schools by studying Briya Public Charter School, which has an on-site Mary’s Center clinic. This partnership provides students and their families with education services along with health and social services. By examining data, the paper finds that this partnership is having a positive and significant impact on families. Read More >

Senate Bill Keeps After-School and Community Schools in ESEA

Funding for before- and after-school programs and full-service community schools grants were protected by the Senate in the reauthorization of the ESEA that passed last week. This is in stark contrast with the House of Representatives, which is seeking to cut funding for many education programs in its reauthorization bill. Read More >

Brooklyn, NY: A Chance for Renewal

Brooklyn Generation School (BGS) has dedicated teachers that focus on helping students overcome the challenges they face outside the classroom. While test scores and graduation rates do not reflect the hard work put in by the students and teachers, BGS is not under threat of being closed. Instead, Mayor Bill de Blasio has committed to improving 100 schools, including BGS, using the community schools strategy, which will allow BGS to continue supporting kids and gradually raise test scores. Read More >

Effects of Inequality and Poverty vs. Teachers and Schooling on America’s Youth

David Berliner set out to research why the recent educational reform has produced such little improvement in United States public schools. Policymakers continue to study schools to figure out how to make them better. However, results show that the problem is not inside the school, its outside. In order for schools to be improved, income inequality must first be addressed. Read More >

Growing Together, Learning Together

Interest in after school programs has been growing throughout our nation. The Wallace Foundation set out to research the challenges and opportunities that after school programs provide for students. Researchers have discovered that the essential parts to after school programs are: strong leadership from major players, coordination that fits local context, effective use of data, and a comprehensive approach to quality. Read More >

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