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PRESS RELEASE - Over Forty National Organizations Call for Community School Principles in ESEA

The Coalition for Community Schools is grateful for the support of 44 national organizations that have signed on to our recommendations for a reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). These organizations span education, health, youth development, and civil rights and include the AFT, AASA, National League of Cities, Opportunity Action, First Focus Campaign for Children, and National PTA, reflecting the large scope of organizations in support of community school principles. Read More >

PA Governor Appoints SDoL Superintendent to Top Education Post

School District of Lancaster superintendent Pedro Rivera was tapped by new Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to serve as secretary of education. As Lancaster's superintendent since 2008, the district has seen improving graduation rates, gains in state assessment scores and increased its fund balance from $4 million to $9 million. Gov. Wolf looks “forward to working with him to adequately and fairly fund our schools, which are the foundation to a sustainable, long-term economy in Pennsylvania." Read More >

Time for Equity: Expanding Access to Learning

On Thursday, January 22, the Annenberg Institute released the next issue of their national, quarterly journal "Voices in Urban Education, entitled "Time for Equity: Expanding Access to Learning." The entire publication is focused on the reinvention of educational time to ensure equitable access to rich learning opportunities for all young people, particularly those in high poverty communities. Read More >

Young People Must Know Their Own History

Martin Blank, Director of the Coalition for Community Schools asks, “Do our young people know about our own nation's history, particularly how our society has responded to marginalized groups?" in his most recent Huffington Post Blog. Read as he challenges you to talk about your history and how schools must step up help young people understand their own stories and what they mean. Read More >

Community is Key to Success - Moving Texas Forward

With more money in the pot this year, Texas has the opportunity to refocus and add funds to education. Noel Candelaria, president of the Texas State Teachers Association, suggests community schools stating, [they] allow educators, parents and community [partners] to develop effective programs for governing and supporting local schools… when [we] work together, we have something much better than reform. We have neighborhood schools that offer opportunity and a better future for our children.” Read More >

Assessing the Evidence for Integrated Student Supports

Closing educational gaps are central to increasing opportunity. Integrated student supports (ISS) is one promising approach for promoting academic success that is taking hold in communities across the country. Our friends at Child Trends did a comprehensive examination of the research and evidence base for ISS, and its potential to help a range of disadvantaged, marginalized, or struggling students. Read More >

Minnesota Education Advocates Seek More State Money

As Minnesota’s Capitol reopens on Tuesday, advocates are calling for more money for education. One wish on their list – community schools. “Basically, what full-service community school does is help me the teacher meet the needs of students so I can focus on teaching,” Denise Specht, Education Minnesota president, said. Read More >

The Growth and Impact of Community Schools: 2014

Want to know what happened for Community Schools in 2014? The Coalition looks back on the year and highlights the top 10 achievements of the movement. Read More >

Does The Answer For Philly School Reform Reside In…Ohio?

The Philadelphia school system is looking for a solution to school closures, high poverty in its community, and much more. Roxanne Patel Shepelavy of the Philadelphia Citizen, looks to Cincinnati’s Community Learning Centers as the solution. “This has to be the next step in school reform,” says Paul Reville. “Only when we optimize schools across the country so people come in ready to learn will we really be able to level the playing field—which is what everybody says we want.” Read More >

Equity Allies: How School Leaders Can Promote Equitable Educational Opportunities

Recently, the U.S. Department of Education in July 2014 launched the Excellent Educators for All initiative, a response to recommendations of the Equity and Excellence Commission report. In response the authors, Lynda Tredway and Jessica Rigby, conducted research on how equity-minded principals, or “equity allies,” base their daily practice on equity. The researchers offer three recommendations for how all school leaders can embed equity into their leadership practices. Read More >

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