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Does The Answer For Philly School Reform Reside In…Ohio?

The Philadelphia school system is looking for a solution to school closures, high poverty in its community, and much more. Roxanne Patel Shepelavy of the Philadelphia Citizen, looks to Cincinnati’s Community Learning Centers as the solution. “This has to be the next step in school reform,” says Paul Reville. “Only when we optimize schools across the country so people come in ready to learn will we really be able to level the playing field—which is what everybody says we want.” Read More >

Equity Allies: How School Leaders Can Promote Equitable Educational Opportunities

Recently, the U.S. Department of Education in July 2014 launched the Excellent Educators for All initiative, a response to recommendations of the Equity and Excellence Commission report. In response the authors, Lynda Tredway and Jessica Rigby, conducted research on how equity-minded principals, or “equity allies,” base their daily practice on equity. The researchers offer three recommendations for how all school leaders can embed equity into their leadership practices. Read More >

Ready for Fall? Near-Term Effects of Voluntary Summer Learning Programs on Low-Income Students’ Learning Opportunities and Outcomes

This report presents the first set of student outcome findings from The Wallace Foundation’s Summer Learning District Demonstration Project, a six-year effort looking at whether and how large-scale, voluntary summer learning programs led by public school districts can help improve educational outcomes for children in low-income, urban communities. Read More >

U.S. Education Chief Visits to Talk with Local Students About Ferguson

After participating in Rev. Al Sharpton's civil rights march in D.C. on Sunday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan held closed meetings with several dozen students in the St. Louis area on Tuesday. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten sat in on the talks, which covered the aftermath, trauma and healing following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. What Duncan heard left him emotional, stating, "We don't learn by sitting behind a desk in Washington" Read More >

Why the Community Schools Model Works for District 33 in Chicago

Charles Johns,superintendent of West Chicago Elementary School District 33, shared how and why the Community Schools model has been an effective tool for them. He lifts up their partnership, "WeGo Together for Kids," which has over 50 members. Throughout the school year, the partners support the students and their families and help create a stronger and healthier community. Read More >

Useful for You - Annenberg's Time for Equity Indicators Framework

Our partners at the Annenberg Institute recently launched thier web-based Time for Equity Indicators tool. This new site is a clearinghouse of information about 24 different benchmarks of education conditions, access, and impact. Resources include links to academic research, reports from the field, data tools, videos and more about indicators like teacher ownership, student, family and community engagement and engaged student learning. Read More >

AFT: It's About Time - Lessons from Expanded Learning Time in Meriden, CT

Our partners at the American Federation of Teachers recently released the Handbook: "It’s About Time: Lessons from Expanded Learning Time in Meriden, Conn." As AFT President Randi Weingarten stated, "Lessons learned from a successful initiative to expand learning time at schools in Meriden, Conn., can help other unions work with districts to significantly increase opportunities for at-risk students." Read More >

Teaching About Ferguson, Eric Garner, and Beyond

"The deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in New York City have caused waves of nationwide protest and appeals for stronger protections against police brutality. These events have also caused educators to seek resources on how to address these subjects in the classroom. WKCD has created a list of resources that offer teachers a good place to start the conversations we need--and, in some cases, support students in taking restorative action." Read More >

Character and "Grit": The Heart of the Matter

"This collection of short videos, assembled by What Kids Can Do (WKCD), shines a light on how character and grit contribute to student success. Experts in the field share their research and experiences. Discussion questions follow each video." Read More >

Goodfellows: Communities in Schools Surrounding Students with Support

Partner organization, Communities in Schools is lifted up in this piece by the Lubbock Avalanche Journal. Looking to Monterey High School, the article focuses in on the Coordinator, Jessica Ortiz-Martinez, and her ability to not only address the multiple needs of the students, but also her ability to create a safe space for students. They feel like they have someone they can trust who is ready to help. Read More >

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