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Community School News

Randi Weingarten- Extending the school year is a temporary fix for a larger problem

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, discusses the challenges schools face in combatting summer learning loss. She stresses that simply extending the school year or school day is not an effective option as proven by several initiatives throughout the country. Randi highlights the importance of working with members of the community to create a solution that adequately addresses students’ needs. Read More >

Community schools champion, Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Darienne B. Driver extends contract through 2019

Milwaukee Superintendent Darienne B. Driver has extended her contract until 2019. Driver has been a champion of community schools spearheading a Community Schools Partnership in six schools, as well as workforce development initiatives and working with business and neighborhood partners. Read More >

Community Schools Pilot Program Launching in Erie, PA

Erie, Pennsylvania has officially launched a community schools pilot program that will effect nearly 3,000 students. The program will start this school year with Edison Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School, Wayne School, Pfeiffer Burleigh School, and Emerson-Gridley Elementary School. The program will fund around $100,000 per school. The program will kick off with a press conference by The Erie School District and the United Way of Erie County this Tuesday at Edison Elementary School. Read More >

Pittsburgh Superintendent Outlines 90 Day Plan Involving Community Schools

Pittsburgh Superintendent Anthony Hamlet has released a 90 day transition that includes community schools in the framework. Part of the transition plan includes reviewing the mental and physical health needs of students in the area as well as reviewing the social services currently present. Read More >

Chalkbeat, NY- Community Schools a Supportive Learning Strategy for Struggling Schools

Drema Brown of the Children’s Aid Society discusses her journey as an education professional in New York City, and how her work has shown her how effective a learning strategy community schools can be. Comparing her experiences as a principal in the South Bronx, she describes how the community schools strategy has helped her support her students through CAD, and how the strategy could have greatly supported her work with learning in the past. Read More >

Milwaukee Community Schools Partnership works to support the city’s youth

In collaboration with the United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County, Milwaukee Public Schools has kick started the Milwaukee Community Schools Partnership starting with two high schools as well as two MPS K-8 schools. OnMilwaukee speaks to teaching and learning organizer, Ingrid Henry, to discuss how the community schools strategy will help support students in Milwaukee. Read More >

NEA Today Commends the Positive Impact of Community Schools

Cindy Long, writer for NEA Today, sheds light on the struggles that students face in life and in school and the positive impacts that community schools can have on lives of students. Long highlights the incredible impacts that partner organizations can have on the community and the importance of the role of the community school coordinator through the stories of partners and the coordinator in the Lehigh Valley community schools. Read More >

NY Times- Professor David Kirp Praises Community Schools

Morris Academy, a community school in the Bronx, is a stark contrast to similar high schools in the area. David Kirp, a professor at the University of California-Berkley, highlights some of the progress that Morris Academy has made in just a few short years, calling it “another world”, and the achievements of other programs in the Northeast, like City Connects, which have helped cut the achievement gap in Massachusetts in half. Read More >

Dallas ISD Changes Location of Pilot Community School

After seeing success of the community school strategy in Austin, Dallas ISD decided to pilot the community school strategy at Dunbar Learning Center, “which had been placed on the state’s list of failing school in the 2014-2015 school year”. However, a last minute decision by Stephanie Elizalde, the chief of school leadership, changed the location of the pilot program from Dunbar to John Neely Bryan Elementary School. Read More >

Education Week Blogger Applauds Impacts of Community School Strategy

Walt Gardner, author Education Week’s blog, Walt Gardner’s Reality Check, praised the efforts of and the impacts that community schools have made, particularly the Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies in New York City. Read More >

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