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Oakland to Halt School Suspensions for Willful Defiance

From now on in Oakland schools, minor infractions, such as mouthing off to a teacher or falling asleep in class, will not result in suspension. The Oakland school board unanimously voted to restrict suspension in order to encourage schools to focus on why the student is acting in a particular way. This is an attempt for Oakland to reintegrate students into the classroom instead of excluding them, for minor offenses. Read More >

Now Aiming for 200 Community Schools, City Unveils a Plan to Get There

Initially, Mayor Bill de Blasio promised the state of New York to turn 100 traditional schools into community schools by filling them with additional services to help the medical and mental health of the students and their families. Now, he has issued a new goal of creating 200 community schools by the end of 2017. He plans to set up a descriptive list of the “core elements” of community schools and implement them into new and already existing schools. Read More >

Newly Launched Brownsville ‘Community School’ to Focus on Mind, Body, and Soul

Brownsville Academy High School was one of the 40 schools selected to receive part of the grant issued by Mayor Bill de Blasio in June 2014. The school now has resources to pay attention to the overall well-being of the student, instead of just focusing on their academic achievement. The students, families, school, and community are all very excited to improve the whole community through the implementation of the community school. Read More >

Showdown: House to Vote on ‘Community Schools’ that Conflict with Texas Values

On May 13th, Texas Senate and House Representatives were scheduled to vote on House Bill 1891, known as “Relating to Texas Community Schools.” Under this bill, public schools would combine academic, health, and social services to turn schools into the “hub” of the community. The schools would partner with a community-based organization to help support the students, families, schools, and communities. If two-thirds of the House and Senate agree to pass this bill, it will take effect immediately. Read More >

Why the dispossessed riot

In the wake of last week’s Baltimore riots: an important consideration of the concept of liberty and what it means to be truly free. Is it possible for a society based on freedom to also have marked racial disparities from school discipline to the income distribution to the legal system? The article argues that to promote liberty for all, we cannot merely embrace freedom as non-interference, but as non-domination. Read More >

Newark schools should offer more social services, advocates say

Community Schools were the premier topic at a Newark education forum this past Tuesday. A panel of four education activists encouraged the Newark Public School system to work with local non-profits and other community organizations to provide a full range of services to students. As NJ Communities United organizer Roberto Cabanas phrased it, “bring the village inside of the school”. Read More >

School-Based Family Service Centers: A Roadmap for Philadelphia Communities

Over the past decade, Philadelphia schools have been transforming their traditional schools into full-service community schools. Since then, there have been increases in academic performance, college enrollment rates, and parental involvement and decreases in dropout rates, absenteeism, and disciplinary action. Due to the success of the community school implementation, Philadelphia is planning to continue expanding the movement into more and more schools throughout the city. Read More >

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Young Families: Two-Generation Policy Recommendations

The National Human Services Assembly recently released their policy report, Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Young Families: Two-Generation Policy Recommendations. The report identifies what needles need to be moved on federal, state, and local levels based on extensive dialogue with direct service providers and national policy advocates. It also addresses critical capacity building needs for organizations. Read More >

Community School: A Bridge Out of Poverty

“At Weis, all of the 600 students enrolled qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, the daily struggle of families in poverty shows up at the door every day.” This is why Weis Elementary in Pensacola, FL is slated to become a community school. Bringing this model to fruition, they are hoping to change the culture of the school, engage families more effectively, and bring new resources to the students. Read More >

NSF-Supported White Paper on Realizing STEM Equity and Diversity through Higher Education-Community Engagement

The NSF-Supported White Paper “Realizing STEM Equity and Diversity through Higher Education-Community Engagement,” by Ira Harkavy (Netter Center for Community Partnerships, University of Pennsylvania), Nancy Cantor (Rutgers University-Newark), and Myra Burnett (Spelman College) presents a promising approach to advancing equity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through higher education-community engagement. Read More >

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