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Vancouver Public Schools Mobilization of Resources Earns National Award

Taking outreach services on the road has earned Vancouver Public Schools a Magna Awards 2017 Grand Prize, given by the National School Boards Association. The award, one of three in the nation, recognizes the district’s mobile Family-Community Resource Center van. Read More >

The Coalition for Community Schools Announces March Community Schools Advocacy Month

The Coalition will be kicking off its first state and local advocacy month for community schools, through the month of March. Join the Coalition in asking our national, state and local partners to advocate for community schools through social media, meetings with legislators and school visits. Read More >

Philadelphia Community Schools are utilizing a stress index to alert them to hot spots of poverty

Philadelphia community schools are utilizing a new tool called a “stress index,” a digital city map displaying hotspots of poverty, drug crimes, access to healthy food, education levels, and the like. Read More >

How a Successful Hunger Strike is Leading to a National Movement for Better Education

The Journey for Justice Alliance launches a new national coalition for equitable public schools. Read More >

Whitsitt Elementary School Washers Boost Attendance – Partnership with Whirlpool

Early in the school year, Whitsitt had signed on as one of three community schools in Nashville to install washers and dryers for students in need of clean clothing. Read More >

Pittsburgh Public Schools Chief has Called Implementing “community schools” a Top Priority

Superintendent Anthony Hamlet has called implementing “community schools” in the district one of his top priorities, and it’s among the short-term goals the school board set for him. Read More >

Rochester Officials Support Full-Service Community Schools

City and school leaders gathered in Rochester to talk about the importance of full-service community schools. Read More >

Serving the Immigrant Population in a New Political Environment

According to Frederico Rios, Program Director of Elementary Schools Services at Communities In Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, the new political environment has impacted the school climate negatively. The heightened concern of deportation and a large influx of Central American students has driven the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system to designate most of their Title III funds to provide for the social and emotional needs of their students. Read More >

How One School District Fights Decades of ‘Punishment Culture'

Nationwide, there were 363 open investigations into racial discrimination in school discipline at the K-12 level and 103 investigations open in K-12 involving disability-related discipline issues as of October 27, 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Read More >

Discussions move forward on new Virginia community school approach

Delegate Sam Rasoul introduced House Bill 2434 that would bring a community school approach into the classroom. The pilot program would be based on what needs are in the area. Read More >

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