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Community School News

State assistance is a welcome boost for full-service community schools

It’s more difficult for children to learn when their lives outside school are unstable and riddled with social and economic challenges. Now the state is putting some welcome resources into supporting the concept. In 2015 Minnesota legislators allocated $500,000 to support full-service community schools for the next two years. Strong, stable families and communities help produce better educated children who become more productive adult citizens and workers Read More >

Buffalo has a Head Start on Community Schools

Under New York’s state’s new receivership law, if Superintendent Kriner Cash cannot quickly turn around South Park and four other struggling schools, an outside organization must be brought in to convert them to community schools. But some district schools are already moving in that direction. Visiting State officials were so impressed with the work done at South Park that they want to use it as a model for the rest of the state. The Wallace Foundation is studying the ‘collective impact’ data. Read More >

Community schools promising, but take effort

ESSA explicitly encourages low-income districts to use Title I funds for integrated student supports and enhanced community partnerships. Variety in implementation and resource levels make consistent evaluation of Community Schools a challenge. Emerging evidence suggests they can make a real difference for traditionally underserved students, especially when the model is carefully implemented and sustained. For success in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg will need to take -and stick to- a very new path. Read More >

The Superintendent Who Turned Around A School District

More recognition for Jennings Superintendent Tiffany Andersen, in her own words. We often hear about school districts who struggle with high poverty, low test scores and budget problems. But one district has faced all of these and achieved remarkable results. In just over three years, Superintendent Tiffany Anderson, who oversees the Jennings School District in Jennings, a small city just outside St. Louis, has led a dramatic turnaround in one of the worst-performing systems in Missouri. Read More >

Greenvale Park Community School Co-coordinators pleased with Inaugural Report

Northfield Promise, Northfield Public Schools and the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative compiled data on Northfield's year-old community school. The annual report is a grant condition and the data was shared with the entire community. Impressive numbers showed 431 kids, nearly the whole school population, participating in programming and over 1,000 volunteer hours logged by community members since August 2015. Read More >

Education stories that got New York talking in 2015

Brooklyn Generation School, a high school with just a 50 percent graduation rate in 2014, exemplified how New York City’s community-schools push was making a real difference but academic changes appeared far off. The pressure for schools to show quick results grew as the program benefited from a surge in federal and state funding, taking its price tag to nearly $400 million .That funding helped community organizations make their presence felt in the schools. Read More >

United Way focusing on educated workforce

United Way’s leadership of the implementation of a community school at Knapp Elementary in partnership with Racine Unified School District in the fall of 2016 will be an integral piece of building an educated workforce. With its integrated focus on academics, community services, supports and opportunities, the community school will lead to improved student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. Read More >

Minnesota Success

The untold success of Minnesota schools getting support to transform into full-service community schools is that this model has been driven and supported by educators. Read More >

Community Schools are the Right Strategy for Philly

Mayor-elect Jim Kenney, along with Council President Darrell Clarke, must have every resource needed to implement the community schools model in Philadelphia. This is the right strategy. We have a genuine opportunity right now, to join together to demand that our schools are a humane and just reflection of our values. We are all in for Philly's children. Read More >

Community Schools are Reasons for Hope

Education is often touted as a means for boosting social mobility and making communities more equal, but inequality in school funding and resources has made that difficult to achieve, especially amid increasing poverty rates. Community Schools are referenced several times under ‘reasons for hope’ with regard to the current state of k-12 education. Read More >

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