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A Door-to-Door Push to Get Parents Involved at Struggling Schools

In New York, schools are taking charge to get parents involved in local schools. The de Blasio administration is investing $106 million over two years in its community schools program. The hope is that parents will see schools as neighborhood hubs, and that students will be less likely to miss class for medical or other reasons if they can get those services on school grounds. Read More >

Zuckerberg’s Expensive Lesson

It’s just hitting bookstores, but Dale Russakoff’s new book, “The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools?” has already become a source of enormous contention, both in Newark, where the story takes place, and among education advocates of various stripes. Read More >

Press Release: The Community Schools Movement Grows with 12 New Federal Grants

The Coalition for Community Schools celebrates a new round of Full Service Community School grants awarded this summer. The grants will expand community schools work in some places and begin to grow it in others. The U.S. Department of Education awarded 12 new Full-Service Community School grants to a mix of school districts, community-based organizations and an institution of higher education. Read More >

Evaluation of the Canyons Community Schools Initiative: Findings after Two-Year Post-Adoption and Implementation

The Ohio State University’s Community and Youth Collaborative Institute has released an evaluation of the Community Schools Initiative in Canyons School District. While there is still much to be done, a strong foundation has been established that will help these schools and communities continue addressing unmet needs. Read More >

Chicago, IL: Azcoitia offers principles for School Board action

“As my term as a member of the Chicago Board of Education began in January 2013, it was clear to me that the system needed to pay more attention to quality school options, especially neighborhood and community schools.” Carlos Azcoitia reflects upon his time on the Board and the actions needed to achieve equity and excellence moving forward. Read More >

Austin, TX: Back from the Brink

For the first time in years, Austin’s Eastside Memorial High School has started the school year without the threat of being shut down. The school has seen dramatic improvements, thanks largely to the reform efforts of the community. Activists say Eastside could be a turnaround model for other schools at risk of closure. Read More >

‘The Prize,’ by Dale Russakoff

Dale Russakoff’s “The Prize” tracks the efforts of Mark Zuckerberg, then mayor of Newark Cory Booker, and Gov. Chris Christie to reform education in New Jersey. Ultimately, this partnership failed due to the “unwillingness of the reformers to include parents and teachers in shaping the reforms.” But Zuckerberg has learned his lesson – his next reform venture in the Bay Area will include the community in the planning process and offer students “a web of support.” Read More >

The alarming effect of racial mismatch on teacher expectations

A recent study has found that non-black teachers’ expectations for the educational attainment of black students is significantly lower than the expectations that black teachers have for the same students. This is an important finding as teachers’ expectations often shape the expectations held by students. Read More >

Cincinnati, OH: If students re-imagined school, this is what it could look like.

At a career camp hosted by KnowledgeWorks and INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati, 20 high school students created designs for educational systems centered on 21st-century learning. Their ideas included having community-wide learning opportunities, incorporating different learning styles, and putting students in charge of their own learning. Read More >

Decatur, IN: Decatur Township finds support from community center, school partnerships

As a small district, the Decatur Township does not experience the center-city problems that large philanthropic organizations focus on. Decatur has therefore adopted the community schools strategy to provide students with wraparound services by leveraging the existing resources in the community. This strategy has had great results in Decatur and nearby communities. Read More >

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