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Weis School Grant Could Uplift Neighborhood

C.A Weis Elementary School has received a $75,000 grant from the University of Central Florida, and subsequent pledge from its district to develop into a Community School. Students and families would benefit from health services, extended learning opportunities, and mentoring. Weis, located in Pensacola, FL, has received lower grades on its Florida State Assessment each of the last two years and is looking to involve the community, families, and school staff in turning the school around. Read More >

Scavo to bring dental, medical services to students

An Iowa Public school system has elected to offer a full range of services for students attending Scavo High School in Des Moines. This will include on-site medical and dental care, a food pantry, mental health therapy, and employment coaching, along with other counseling options. Scavo teachers and administrators believe that these offerings will prove to be a great asset to students who live in remote areas and may have to travel as much as half a day for a routine dental cleaning. Read More >

CPS & CTU Begin Contract Talks

Chicago’s Public School (CPS) and Teacher’s Union (CTU) officials have renewed formal negotiations. At this critical juncture, CTU called for the support of 50 community schools for the district “as a starting point.” In a recent report, A Just Chicago, the Union conveyed the interconnectedness of employment, justice, housing, and health concerns with educational achievement. CTU’s actions reflect a growing commitment to community schools and their underlying values. Read More >

Test and Punish Doesn't Work

The Washington Teacher’s Union is calling for a more comprehensive approach to public education in the District. WTU President Elizabeth Davis argues that test-and-punish policies do not work and will only perpetuate failure in under-served neighborhoods. As a solution, the Union is vowing to fight for community schools that allow parents, school leaders, teachers, and community partners to all have a meaningful role and share responsibility. Read More >

Possible 'Full-Service Community School' To Duluth

Support for full-service community schools spreads to North East Minnesota through Representative Mary Murphy’s recent legislation targeting Duluth, MN. Lincoln Park Middle School may receive funding for extended learning days, a site coordinator, and health services. Lincoln Park would act as a feeder school for Duluth’s other community school, Myers-Wilkins Elementary. Also in MN, Saint Paul also supports this work and nearby Brooklyn Park features a full-service community school district. Read More >

The Genius of Community Schools

Educator and writer, Dr. John Thompson identifies Oklahoma City Public School’s lone full-service community school as the district’s major asset. Schools have the unique opportunity to address the intersection of their students’ academic, social, health, and wellness needs. He champions Edgemere Elementary as a model for the district. Thompson believes that through community support other schools can (and must) address growing health problems, such as childhood obesity. Read More >

It’s Time to Trash the Terms “Non-Cogs” and “Soft Skills”

Andy Calkins, Deputy Director of NGLC shares, “They’re everywhere: in print, in conversation, in conference sessions. Invariably, including at SXSWedu last week, references to “the Non-Cognitives” and to “Soft Skills” are accompanied by grimaces and expressions of how much we dislike those terms – but then we use them anyway.” Learn why this is an important conversation and why it’s time to come up with a new language. Read More >

So, WHAT IS a Community School? Here are the Details You Need to Know!

United Way is a partner dedicated to community school efforts across the country. Scott McLeod, the Senior Director of Community Schools Partnerships at the United Way of Salt Lake offers a powerful testimonial illustrating how community schools go about improving the lives of students, families, and communities, via health, social, and extended learning services . He shows that community schools are results driven and ultimately can help make the difference in students’ academic achievement. Read More >

Southington native appointed to oversee initiative in 128 New York City schools

Recently appointed Executive Director of the Office of Community Schools, Chris Caruso now oversees New York’s 128 community schools. Caruso, a New York local, takes pride in the opportunity to connect schools with organizations to better serve students’ needs. Caruso believes extended learning opportunities and restored daily class time are both indispensable components of a quality education. Read More >

Immunization program will bring vaccines to schools

Local Virginia Health Department Director Molly O’Dell is pushing for on-site immunizations for rising 6th graders in the New River Valley district. With parent permission, 5th graders would receive vaccines for the influenza, tDap booster, and most notably HPV. Already accepted by some local schools, this plan increases family access to health care services and reduces the number of incoming 6th graders who are temporarily barred from school due to incomplete immunization records. Read More >

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