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Community School News

Cost Estimates for Wrap-Around Services

Interest in the barriers impeding a child’s success in the classroom reached a national scale recently with the passage of ESSA including funding support for programs that provide student services, wrap-around services, and services provided by organizations in the community. However, with growing public interest in these types of programs, we need to account for costs in addition to effects. Read More >

Syracuse School District Receives Funding for Community Schools Initiative

In Syracuse, NY, the New York State Education Department announced that the Syracuse City School District will receive $10,186,478 of the $100 million Gov. Cuomo allocated to transform struggling schools into community schools in his budget this year. The idea behind community schools stems from the philosophy that students aren't going to pass state tests if their basic needs aren't met. Read More >

Buffalo Begins Community School Expansion

In Buffalo, NY, the Buffalo Public School District has begun their initiative to convert their city-schools into community schools with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony at Marva J. Daniels Futures Preparatory School. 13-city schools are being established as community schools, which is an exciting step for those who fought hardest for the initiative. Under the 2016-17 Enacted State Budget, the Buffalo School District will receive $12,524,617 to fund community schools. Read More >

New York City Community Schools Infographic

This infographics from the New York City Coalition for Educational Justice illustrates the five core elements of the New Department of Education Community Schools Policy. Through strong academics, shared leadership, community hub, transformative parent engagement, and outcomes, Community School are all equally defined to help provide all students with various resources for success. Read More >

Community Schools: Combating Absenteeism in New York

Absenteeism continuous to be a problem for schools in New York. Although the lack of school attendance is due to various reasons, P.S. 15 along with around 130 other community schools have made it a focus to create new ways to help students have better attendance. Through the help of different partners and various resources (i.e. mentorship, attendance interventions), schools have shown nearly a 5 percent decrease in chronic absenteeism. Read More >

ESSA's Success Requires Stakeholder Engagement

As the Every Student Succeeds Act begins to replace No Child Left Behind the question of whether “genuine stakeholder engagement” is occurring is now being asked. Having genuine stakeholder engagement would enable educators, parents, community–based organization and other institutions to provide feedback of ESSA. The input of those individuals who would be impacted most must be of priority to the states and local school districts to successfully carry-out ESSA during the next few years. Read More >

Helping Kentucky Implement Place-Based Programs

Place-based programs in Kentucky continue to help families in impoverished communities through various resources including, health and education. Programs and partners like the County health departments and the Jackson County court system continue to help with the growing impact to help the underserved communities. The main focus now is building cultural competence among all partners to continue place-based programs for students and families in rural areas. Read More >

Tackling Challenges: New York State’s Implementation of Community Schools

New York State might be having difficulties being able to incorporate more community schools in their communities. Schools in the state though will soon be getting a “coherent guidance document” from the state education department, which would allow them to see how they can transition into community schools. This would allow for some current receivership schools to start analyzing how community assets can provide resources within schools and communities, making community schools more plausible. Read More >

The Answer: Family-Community Resource Centers

Family poverty continues to hinder student learning through inadequate resources in rural communities. Within schools, students also suffer from the lack of parental involvement leading to parents being unaware of how effective schools are at helping their child succeed. Since 2008, the development of Family- Community Resource Centers, have helped “build school assets, strengthen neighborhoods and increase student success” through various services. Read More >

Community Collaboration: Community Schools Model in West Chicago

The community schools model in West Chicago continues to help communities work together for student and family success. Full Service Community Schools Grant has helped provide the district with funds to carry on the development of building-based approaches for staff, families and community partners. Wellness programs and other resources, including parent leadership training for families and students, are providing communities with educational guidance and health services. Read More >

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