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Community School News

Despite Challenges, Hope Still High for Turnaround Workforce at Worcester’s Elm Park Community School

Worcester’s Elm Park Community School, a level 4 school, implemented a turnaround program to improve student performance. They have implemented strategies to correct the school academic strategy by helping with the social and emotional wellbeing of the students. With the extended school day and newly introduced yoga and meditation programs, the future is looking bright for this Community school. Read More >

Fort Wayne- Education Leaders Visit Fort Wayne Community Schools

Learning forward brought together organizations funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in order to discuss professional learning.The Redesign PD Partnership, an organization that implements programs to ensure that teachers and school staff members have professional learning opportunities, visited Fort Wayne Community School to learn about what resources were being provided. The superintendent of the school was very pleased to present their professional learning tools to the partnership. Read More >

NYC Libraries, Google, and Sprint Announce Initiative to Offer Wi-Fi to Community School Students and Families

Carmen Fariña, the Schools Chancellor in New York City, recently announced a program partnering the City’s library systems, Google, and Sprint to offer Wi-Fi for students and families with no internet in their homes. Forty-six library branches across the City will be participating in the Library HotSpot program, all branches are located near Community Schools and will help to provide internet for students and families who need them most. Read More >

NYS – Rochester Experimenting with the Community School Model

In an effort to improve student achievement, School 17 in Rochester, N.Y is adopting the community school model. The Superintendent of the Rochester City School District, Barbara Deane-Williams, and the Principal of School 17, Caterina Leone Mannino, expressed support for the community school model and excitement about new opportunities that the model provides. Read More >

Community Schools Help Afterschool Work Flourish

An After School today article discusses the increased need to make afterschool a crucial part of a student’s education. Community schools offer a solution to this problem by bringing together families, the community and educators to motivate and engage students. Every community school addresses the individual needs of students with expanded learning opportunities and after school programs. Read More >

Randi Weingarten talks community schools in Washington Post interview

C.M Rubin, author of “The Global Search for Education” and “How Will we Read?” interviewed six people about what they would do if they were appointed the new Secretary of Education. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, was among those six people. During her interview, she discussed the current state of education and the importance of having a greater support for community schools. Read More >

US News- Extending the school year may not be the answer to helping students succeed

Due to the lack of traditional learning during the summer for students, some schools are working together to extend classroom time. Unfortunately extending the school year into summer vacation is not completely realistic and studies show that it will not improve the well-being of the student. Instead, schools must implement an approach that addresses the needs of these students, such as educational summer programs, longer school days, or year-round schools that include more breaks. Read More >

Hartford Community Schools Find Creative Way To Deal With Tragedy

Schools in North Hartford opened on Tuesday and the community was there to help. Students and staff at Thirman L. Milner School in Hartford Connecticut relied on their community to help heal the wounds caused by the loss of 13-year-old Jamaire Smith. Milner School partner Catholic Charities arranged for Tails of Joy, who provides visits with therapy dogs, to help console students from Milner on their first day. Read More >

Randi Weingarten- Extending the school year is a temporary fix for a larger problem

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, discusses the challenges schools face in combatting summer learning loss. She stresses that simply extending the school year or school day is not an effective option as proven by several initiatives throughout the country. Randi highlights the importance of working with members of the community to create a solution that adequately addresses students’ needs. Read More >

Community schools champion, Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Darienne B. Driver extends contract through 2019

Milwaukee Superintendent Darienne B. Driver has extended her contract until 2019. Driver has been a champion of community schools spearheading a Community Schools Partnership in six schools, as well as workforce development initiatives and working with business and neighborhood partners. Read More >

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