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Community School News

Knox County expands community school program

Superintendent of Knox County Schools, Dr. Jim McIntyre, has implemented the plan of transforming three traditional schools into community schools for the 2015-16 school year. The district currently has 8 community schools. Dr. McIntyre sees the value in the program and plans to expand it throughout the county. Read More >

When a School Becomes More Than a School

YPR Radio hosts Dante de Tablan, Community Coordinator at Benjamin Franklin High School, and Julia Baez, Senior Director of Initiatives at Family League Baltimore. Benjamin Franklin and the Family League are both recipients of the 2015 Awards for Excellence, awarded by the Coalition of Community Schools. Baez and de Tablan talk about the roles they play in community schools and how they believe community schools are making a difference in Baltimore. Read More >

The Ugly Reform Mess in Newark Public Schools – by a top Newark Education Official

Since the implementation of “One Newark,” Newark’s plan to reform public education, more and more problems in schools have risen. However, Ras Baraka, Newark’s new mayor, argues that the schools aren’t failing, instead, we are failing the schools. The schools need to be changed and many think the best way to improve the schools is to transform them into community schools. Read More >

Maddox: The concept of community schools is a good one

Scott Maddox, a former mayor and current city commissioner, believes that Community Schools are a good idea. Maddox explains that combining education, health care, community services, and inviting the whole family in creates an environment that fosters greater academic achievement. Therefore, he is suggesting that a plan needs to be created to implement more community schools throughout Florida. Read More >

Oyler School Against the Odds

Since 1930, Lower Price Hill has been infected with crime, drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. The Olyer School there suffered greatly and very few students graduated. However, after the city received more funding, Cincinnati transformed Oyler into a full community school. Now, the school is open for kids from 6 weeks old, all the way to 12th grade. The school addresses all needs of the child, whether it be academic, health, or mental, the school is there to support them with various services Read More >

Baltimore Sweeps Awards for Top Community Schools

Baltimore community schools and initiative (Benjamin Franklin, Wolfe Street Academy, Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, and the Family League of Baltimore) received four of the seven Awards for Excellence presented by the Coalition for Community Schools for overcoming many obstacles to learning and providing opportunities for students to succeed. These community schools have combined academic, economic, health, and mental assistance to make schools the center of their community. Read More >

A Call to Curb Expansion of Charter Schools in Black Communities

Throughout DC, traditional public schools have been closing at rapid speeds, only to be replaced by fully funded charter schools. Jitu Brown, the national director of Journey for Justice Alliance, recognizes that in white, wealthy areas, charter schools are not as popular because the neighborhood schools are successful. He believes the cure is to transform traditional public schools into community schools, instead of investing in the privatization of schools. Read More >

Can Jim Kenney Bring Community Schools to Philadelphia?

Jim Kenney, democratic mayoral nominee, says that if he is elected, he will transform 25 traditional public schools into community schools. He is aware of the students’ great need for more support and wants to provide them with this support through the installation of community schools. He has seen the community schools work wonders in cities like Cincinnati and thinks they would do the same in Philly. Read More >

Poverty, Family Stress are Thwarting Student Success, Top Teachers Say

56 Teachers of the Year were recently asked to identify what the greatest barriers to school success for K-12 students was. The top teachers ranked family stress as the greatest obstacle, followed by poverty and learning and psychological problems. The teachers explained that the most important part of their job is helping students learn to cope with problems outside of school. Read More >

School Climate and Pro-social Educational Improvement

Pro-social education, which is implemented by community schools, encompasses a variety of practices, such as moral and civic education, emotional learning, and mental health promotion. In this commentary, members of the National School Climate Council outline the basis for school climate and pro-social educational improvement efforts, and identify the community schools strategy as an approach. Read More >

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