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The Answer: Family-Community Resource Centers

Family poverty continues to hinder student learning through inadequate resources in rural communities. Within schools, students also suffer from the lack of parental involvement leading to parents being unaware of how effective schools are at helping their child succeed. Since 2008, the development of Family- Community Resource Centers, have helped “build school assets, strengthen neighborhoods and increase student success” through various services. Read More >

Community Collaboration: Community Schools Model in West Chicago

The community schools model in West Chicago continues to help communities work together for student and family success. Full Service Community Schools Grant has helped provide the district with funds to carry on the development of building-based approaches for staff, families and community partners. Wellness programs and other resources, including parent leadership training for families and students, are providing communities with educational guidance and health services. Read More >

Joins us for a Community School “Teach-in”

On 05/05 Community Schools will have “Teach-ins” in various sites to provide more information on the impact Milwaukee Community Schools partnerships have on public education. The “teach-ins” will run from 3:00pm-5:00pm and will be held at Auer Avenue, Hopkins-Lloyd, Bradley Tech and James Madison. Read More >

Working Toward More Community Schools in Brevard, FL.

Community Schools continue to succeed, and Endeavour Magnet School, a Title I school, is beginning to see the benefits from the various programs provided to youth and families within the neighborhood. Although the communities of Brevard lacks the proper resources and funding, community schools as well as other organizations, continue to strive for efforts to decrease this issue in Endeavors, allowing for the possibility of more community schools to the city of Brevard. Read More >

Community Schools Are Replacing Receivership Schools in New York State

New York’s plan to help struggling schools in the state, through receivership has increased concerns on its true impact on the schools. Although schools would be receiving money from the state, the law allows for some teachers to be laid off and others to have work extended days as part of the schools receivership plan. Community schools have become a sign of hope for schools like Dr. Weeks Elementary School but a lack of resources for programs due to low funding is worrisome to schools. Read More >

Building Together: The rise of community schools evident at the 2016 National Forum

Susan Gobreski, Director, and Holly Gonzalez, Deputy Director for Community Schools were two of the roughly 1,700 educators who attended Albuquerque’s 2016 Community Schools National Forum. Their efforts to join the movement and begin implementing community schools by managing and launching Mayor Kenney’s initiative, which seeks to make 25 public schools into community schools in the city. Gobreski and Gonzalez discuss their 4 year plan and the 2016 National Forum more in depth in an interview. Read More >

Albuquerque, NM- Albuquerque teaching the value of Community Schools in local neighborhoods

This year’s Rising Together: Community Schools National Forum 2016 showed some of the influences, community schools have in communities like Albuquerque, NM. A community school is designed to bring together parents, community leader and students for the development of community success through proper health and learning. Partnerships with programs and services have drastically helped improve community’s and student’s overall growth. Read More >

A Powerful Alternative: The Community Schools Movement

Community Schools have become a movement for growth and innovation. Making schools collaborate with communities to increase student learning, health services, youth and community development and engagement are some of the main focuses for the Coalition for Community Schools. The support of state administrators and legislator’s to implement the community schools model in all public schools would provide resources for communities, families and students. Read More >

Albuquerque, NM- The Rise of Albuquerque’s Successful Community Schools Program

During this year’s Community Schools National Forum, educators from around the nation were able to experience Albuquerque’s homegrown Homework Diner program first hand. The program was designed to bring communities together for the greater good of student’s education. The program unites parents, teachers, volunteers, tutors and culinary students to help students of the schools with homework while sharing a meal together. Read More >

ESSA May Offer Megaphone for Parent, Community Voices

Advocates for parent and community engagement see the newly revised federal K-12 law as an opportunity to expand their impact on states' academic goals, plans for school improvement, and other areas of policy. Quotes from Marty Blank, Director of the Coalition for Community Schools, highlight the importance of community members engaging with the ESSA planning process as power is devolved to the local level. He calls the bill a “clarion call for our folks to step up”. Read More >

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