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New York State sets a $250 Million Dollar goal for community schools funding

In New York some parents and lawmakers are seeking a greater investment on top of Gov. Cuomo's pitched $100 million community schools initiative. Assembly Education Committee Chair Catherine Nolan, the Alliance for Quality Education and others are pushing for a $250 million investment. At the same time, Nolan said state budget language could force the department to provide greater oversight of parent involvement and family engagement. Read More >

Milwaukee Community School shows signs of improved culture, achievement

Auer Avenue Community School is creating an impressive school culture while serving high-poverty students. There’s a surge of new programs generating positive results. People within the school, the district administration, the immediate neighborhood and the broader community are working together to support the school and improve the lives and academic success of the students. Sustainability will be both a challenge and a key to how far the promising signs can go towards becoming strong results. Read More >

ESSA Commentary from Marty Blank featured in Washington Post

President of IEL publishes commentary: 'Is a new day really dawning with No Child Left Behind’s successor law?'. He explains that the new Every Student Succeeds Act differs significantly from its discredited predecessor, No Child Left Behind, creating opportunity. The post details six concrete changes and why they are promising- including more local control, less standardized testing, comprehensive supports, stakeholder and family engagement, community partnerships and equitable budget reviews. Read More >

Why Community Schools Are The Key To Our Future

CPD promotes a vision for American public education through a network of community schools explained by Reagan High School in Austin, TX and Wolfe Street Academy in Baltimore, MD. Most schools lack analysis of what they need to help improve outcomes and a point person to manage partnerships. In America there are 5.1 million children enrolled in approximately 5,000 community schools and growing. CPD found six successful strategic plans to meet core needs that usually succeed over time. Read More >

Community Schools as an Effective Strategy for Reform

The National Education Policy Center and Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education published a research brief summarizing the empirical basis for several features of community schools. The work finds that community school models offering various agreed-upon features provide an excellent social return on investment and significant promise for providing opportunities for learning and promoting well-being in students and communities. Read More >

Kronick Honored as Visionary for Knoxville’s Community Schools

Robert Kronick, founder of University-Assisted Community Schools (UACS), was honored as a visionary of Knoxville’s community schools at a recent Community Schools Celebration. UACS is a grant-based full-service initiative that serves twelve local schools as an extension of the regular school day for at-risk students. The celebration also honored two others—Knox County Schools Superintendent Jim McIntyre and Buzz Thomas, president of the Great Schools Partnership. Read More >

New community schools will broaden reach, increase support for role of schools

Madison community schools integrate needed coordinate community services into a school setting, taking advantage of places were children and families are every day to offer additional resources and support. It’s about making sure all kids can succeed in school and the city agrees that it works. Read More >

Four Out of Five Americans Want to Fund Community Schools

New nationwide poll results state: “Eight-two percent want their tax dollars to fund schools serving as community hubs, providing health and social services, youth and community development, parental education, as well as academics for students. These community schools integrate high-quality dynamic curriculum with after-school and summer enrichment programs, ensuring that every student and their family gets the opportunity to succeed no matter what zip code they live in.” Read More >

Trauma Informed Schools--An Essential for Student & Staff Success

A three part series by Lara Kain, senior director at Los Angeles Education Partnership, exploring the issues of complex trauma, the effect on emotional and cognitive development of young people, and interventions at the classroom and system level that can mitigate negative outcomes. Features The Implications of Trauma & Student Misbehavior, Creating Trauma Informed Classrooms and The Holistic Approach. Read More >

Bridging Family Community Engagement and Community Schools

Rochester Public Schools acknowledges the variety of situations that students experience which get in the way of their learning, but many exciting things are happening in the district to support students. FCE District Facilitator says, “Our job is to create an environment where students can learn” and Rochester is implementing community schools as part of this mission. Partners create new opportunities, spaces, and experiences for students to be successful, and students are seeing success. Read More >

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