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Community School News

Baltimore, MD: On Time

Marcus Washington spoke with community leaders in Baltimore about the work they are doing to help the city. Julia Baez of the Family League of Baltimore and Henriette Taylor, the community school coordinator at the Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary (HSCT), discussed the impact of community schools and the ways in which this model has engaged students, improved the school climate, and increased family participation at HSCT. Read More >

The Dylann Roofs I Have Known

In the wake of the killing of nine African-Americans by Dylan Roof, Kentucky school teacher Liz Prather reflects on the important role that educators have in the fight against bigotry and hate. She outlines seven actions that all educators should agree to act on, including teaching rational thought and social justice, and engaging in conversations that pull students away from the margins of society where prejudice resides. Read More >

Lincoln, NE: CLCs have valuable role

According to Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent Steve Joel, Community Learning Centers are the reason Lincoln has a high graduation rate despite its high poverty rate. CLCs offer afterschool enrichment activities that engage parents in the education of their children and help students succeed, which benefits taxpayers in the long run. Officials plan to carry out further analysis into the funding and effectiveness of these sites in the coming year. Read More >

Pensacola, FL: Community schools empower people

C.A. Weis Elementary School will soon become Pensacola’s first community school. While visiting schools in New York with well-established community school models, the school leadership saw what this strategy can do for a community. They are excited to implement the strategy at their school so that they connect their students with the resources that they need. Read More >

Tallahassee, FL: Free schools to help break shackles

Andy Ford, president of the Florida Education Association, sees community schools as the means to help students escape poverty. This strategy has proved to be effective, one shining example is Evans high School in Orlando. Another community leader, Department of Children and Families Secretary Mike Carroll, has also voiced his support for this strategy and encourages other communities to adopt this approach. Read More >

Danville-Boyle County, KY: Labor force study shows work to be done

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce issued a study that showed the state’s workforce is not meeting the employment criteria set by business owners. Solutions to this problem include offering wraparound services in schools to help young people develop soft skills and other important characteristics for the job market. The Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce has already partnered with educators to get students “Work Ready.“ Read More >

Wake County, NC: Programs could help lift Wake County graduation rate

In order to reach their goal of achieving an annual graduation rate of at least 95 percent, Wake County school administrators have proposed a strategic plan that would provide wraparound services to meet students’ needs and extended learning opportunities. This includes focusing more on health and mental health needs, providing access to school meals, and more summer learning opportunities. Read More >

Pasco County, FL: Pasco seeks community school to serve children beyond classrooms

The Pasco County School District sees the many benefits of community schools and is hoping to open one soon. The district is currently assessing the resources and needs of its communities in order to decide where to launch the school. Read More >

Anderson, IL: A new direction at Anderson Community Schools

Big changes are occurring at Anderson Community Schools; along with building renovations, two schools will be implementing the COMPASS program. This is designed to help students who are responsible for the most repeat disruptions by providing additional counseling for them and their families, as well as additional learning opportunities. Read More >

Lowell, MA: Saturday Chat

Many things are currently happening in Lowell, but one of the most exciting is that Lowell Public Schools have been awarded a $2.5 million federal grant to make Lowell a national demonstration site for full-service community schools. Read More >

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