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Community schools get a boost from City

The Panel for Educational Policy, a 13-member body of education experts and officials that is appointed by the Mayor of NYC, met to define the vision for NYC community schools. With 50 parents in attendance, the group came to a conclusion and voted successfully for NYC's new community schools policy. Read More >

Snake Oil (and vouchers) Don’t Work. Community Schools, Do!

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president of the NEA, writes about how the issue of school choice is a detractor of many of the prevailing issues taking place many public schools. The issue leaves the schools and communities affected only further damaged. However, the community schools strategy not only serves the students in these affected schools, but their communities as well. Read More >

Lesniak: Attack poverty and improve education with community schools

The most significant cause of poverty in America is the failure of education of children from low income families. Across the nation we see examples of successful community schools providing high quality education that extends beyond the classroom. Embedding community schools as anchors to support the growth and development of neighborhoods will improve educational outcomes and move New Jersey away from being 49th in the measurement of its educational poverty gap. Read More >

Failing our kids, from Flint to Philly

The water poisoning in Flint, Michigan and school reform in Philadelphia are two crises affecting quality of life and future opportunity for young people. Both represent the hardships caused by equating money-saving with doing good work and both highlight the unequal distribution of available resources. Americans generally spare no expense on the health and welfare of children, but not in urban blue-collar communities like Flint. Luckily for Philly, school privatization is not irreversible. Read More >

Hoyer Visits Judy Center in St. Mary’s County

Congressman Steny H. Hoyer visited the Judy Center at George Washington Carver Elementary School in Lexington Park. He was joined by Steven Hicks, a Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Early Learning at the U.S. Department of Education. They focused on the success of the full-service community school model used by “Judy Centers,” early childhood education centers named for his late wife. Hoyer’s efforts led to the inclusion of the full-service community school model in ESSA. Read More >

Every Student Succeeds Act an Opportunity to Step Up Together

Mary Kingston Roche reflects on her own teaching experience in Oakland to recognize opportunities within ESSA for states and districts to deeply engage the community so that all are working together to help young people thrive. She draws inspiration from recent progress in Oakland for transitions made possible by evaluating non-academic indicators, increased enrichment in instruction, relatively flexible funding for well-rounded education, and supporting educators to best help students succeed. Read More >

How A Great Teacher Cultivates Veggies (And Kids) In The Bronx — In 17 Photos

Stephen Ritz, one of NPR’s 50 great teachers, teaches science in the nation’s poorest congressional district, at Community School 55 in the South Bronx. Ritz promotes community gardening and affordable healthy eating by teaching cooking classes for both students and parents. His dedication is getting students excited about science but also creating a positive and beautiful environment for learning. Read More >

Homelessness Crisis Isn’t Just in the Shelters. It’s in our Schools.

Homelessness is not only impacting families, it is also having a devastating effect on children and their education. We need to develop and implement educational strategies designed to limit empty seats in our schools, enhance test scores, bolster graduation rates and improve educational success. This is where New York City’s Community Schools model and other interventions can be effective catalysts for change and lead efforts to curb absenteeism and enhance academic outcomes. Read More >

Leaders Need to be on Board to make Philadelphia Community Schools Succeed

Philadelphia community schools gain public support but this foundation for a process of school renewal only works if energized stakeholders are given a real voice in decision-making. Leaders must create a broad task force, provide them with resources, and charge them with organizing community engagement. Commitment to this process will signal that our political leadership is serious about reversing the decline of our neighborhood public schools by engaging the people who depend on these schools. Read More >

Gov. Cuomo unveils plan to expand community schools

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address proposed boosting state education spending. His most significant proposal was a $100 million plan to convert struggling New York City schools into resource-filled community schools. Of that, $75 million will be allocated to the 17 districts that have schools designated as struggling by the state. The agenda-setting speech covered charter schools, pre-k education, Common Core development and mayoral control as well. Read More >

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