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May 2017 Newsletter


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May 2017

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Grass Roots _ Grass Tops_ Leading Together So Students Learn and Thrive


Register for the Community Schools Awards for Excellence Symposium 

Register today for our June 5, 2017 Community Schools Awards for Excellence Symposium!
Celebrate our 2017 Awards winners and see how schools, families, and communities, along with district and city leadership, are partnering so students learn and
Learn More or Register Today

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Advocacy Month Pushes Action in Several States 

The Coalition challenged community schools stakeholders to engage in various actions through its March advocacy month campaign. Several states pushed action plans targeting policy makers. Read More 

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2017 Budget Sustains Support for Key Community School Programs  

Your advocacy helped get a decent budget for the present fiscal year ending in September 2017. Expected to pass this Friday, May 5, the budget includes important wins for programs that support community schools. 
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National Association of School Nurses: 21st Century Nursing Practice Framework Contributes to Healthy Schools


Today we talk to Coalition partner, National Association of School Nurses, whose 21st Century Practice Framework™ is helping to put students at the center. Read More 

Making Connections to Important Health & Social Supports   

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Community schools are making connections to 

important health and social supports by bringing community health agencies, dentists, and mental health practitioners enable young people to develop the competencies needed to lead healthy lives. Visit our Culture of Health Series Resources

betterEquityCommunity Schools Provide Structures and Systems 

that Solve Problems 


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A Roosevelt Middle School Case Study sites the community schools strategy as an equity tool to fight systemic racism because it provides structures and systems to solve problems. Read More 


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Create Successful and Sustainable Community Schools with Unions as an Essential Ingredient - New brief by the American Federation of Teachers  


View Brief


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Neighborhood School Centers 

Partnership Handbook



 View Handbook

Twitter Chat - Family Engagement event May 17_ 2017 7_30 PM EST


Family Engagement Twitter Chat Featuring a 2017 Community

 School Awardee


Save the Date - May 17, 2017

7:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST



Learn More

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Engaging Families: Transformational Moments, Sustainable Practices 


Family and Community Engagement 

June 22-24, 2017 
San Francisco, CA

Learn More
 or Register 



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