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Investing in i3: Implications for CS

Investing in Innovation Fund (i3): Implications for Community Schools

March 26, 2010

The $650 million for the Investing in Innovation Fund is an unprecedented federal investment in reform. How are your school districts and nonprofit organizations collaborating to apply? Community school advocates across the nation are taking the lead in making the case for community schools.

During the webinar, you will gain a better understanding of what areas we can push for community schools within this grant opportunity. Guest speakers, the Institute for Educational Leadership’s (IEL) President and Director of the Coalition for Community Schools, Marty Blank and IEL’s Director of Leadership Programs- S. Kwesi Rollins, will: 1) help participants review the aspects of the i3 guidelines that are most relevant to community schools; 2) offer advice for making the case, 3) dig deeper into i3 priorities to seek a match with the community schools’ approach.

Several opportunities exist within i3 for community schools to be used as a Turn-Around strategy. The challenge will be for community school advocates to demonstrate how these elements fit into the broad community schools vision and help states strengthen their community’s i3 application. This webinar will help Advocates sharpen their case for the comprehensive vision of community schools, as supported by this unprecedented funding opportunity.

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