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Full Service Community Schools Grant

WEBINAR: Full Service Community Schools Grant

June 24, 2010

This Webinar is for After a brief overview of the FSCS grant, Marty Blank, Director of the Coalition addresses questions from participants. The FSCS program encourages coordination of academic, social, and health services through partnerships between (1) public elementary and secondary schools; (2) the schools’ local educational agencies (LEAs); and (3) community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, and other public or private entities. The purpose of this collaboration is to provide comprehensive academic, social, and health services for students, students’ family members, and community members that will result in improved educational outcomes for children.

  • To simultaneously view the PowerPoint presentation and listen to the audio webinar, click here.
  • Download the presentaion powerpoint here.

Martin J. Blank, President, Institute for Educational Leadership & Director of the Coalition for Community Schools

More resources to help you get started:

Community Schools Planning resources:

Helpful Publications
Community School Basics
  • Community Schools Fact Sheet
  • Community Schools Results Framework - This document outlines a rationale for the community school as a primary vehicle for increasing student success and strengthening families and community; and it defines specific results that community schools seek—both in terms of how they function and in relationship to the well being of students, families and communities.
  • Community Schools Evaluation Toolkit - This toolkit is designed to help community schools evaluate their efforts so that they learn from their successes, identify current challenges, and plan future efforts. It is a practical, hands-on guide that makes it possible for you to improve your community school’s effectiveness and to tell your story. Equally important, it offers a menu of data collection tools (i.e. surveys, public databases) for evaluating whether and how your school is achieving results.
  • Community Schools Results – see the difference that community schools across the country are making!
  • Community Schools PowerPoints – breaks down the community school strategy. This is a great tool for getting stakeholders on board!

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