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Community School Leadership Awards Help Highlight Community School Successes
Tears, cheers, smiles, and hugs were the reactions from the 10 Community School Leadership Awardees. The Coalition presented a national lifetime achievement award and national leadership awards to a youth, national partner, superintendent, initiative leader, coordinator, family and community advocates, and educators at the Forum.
Wes Moore Reminds the
?Audience to Value our Youth
"I actually don’t think we have a school to prison pipeline. It’s more detailed than that. We have a poverty to prison pipeline," said Wes Moore, CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation, bestselling author, social entrepreneur, and Baltimore native during his keynote speech. Moore's speech caused a twitter storm of positive tweets and challenged the audience to set high expectations for our youth.
Civil Rights Activist Roscoe
Jones Sr. Passes the Torch to
the Next Generation
Civil Rights Activist Roscoe Jones, Sr. shared his story and experiences as a young activist in the 60's and moderated a youth panel with Sarai Antoine, Wendy Garcia-Torres, Elonna Jones-Turner, Desmond Kirton Jr., and Gema Quetza. To close out the Forum, Jones joined hands with the youth to pass the torch to their generation. Learn More
Community Schools Coordinators Network: Why We Love Being Community School Coordinators
Community School Coordinators Tell Us Their Why
Community School Coordinators are the cornerstone to the community schools strategy. Hear from Coordinators at the Forum on why they do what they do! 
10 Highlights from the 2018 Community Schools National Forum
Check out an interactive version of our top ten highlights, and relive the best moments of the conference!
IEL President Reflects on What Partnering for Equity Truly Means
In a packed room of nearly 2,000 participants at the Forum, IEL President Johan E. Uvin asked participants to hold hands, close their eyes, and reflect on those who came before us and gave selflessly to the cause of creating a more perfect union. Uvin emphasized the importance of joining hands to unite and combine our passions to do what is right for youth, adults, and families.
EdFix Podcast Highlights the Impact of Community Schools
Did you miss the EdFix Podcast? Have no fear, Episode 5: Community Schools National Forum is available now! Host Dr. Michael Feuer speaks with education leaders from around the country about the goals and impact of community schools on students, families, and communities.
Couldn't Make It to the Forum?
?We have Resources for You
View Forum Pictures
Family & Community Engagement Conference 2018
?July 11-13, 2018
Cleveland, Ohio
Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) Is Looking for Future Education Policy Leaders
Career Pathway Design Challenge
Submission Deadline June 29, 2018
Coalition Leader Moves on to the Next Chapter
Reuben Jacobson has served as a leader at the Coalition for Community Schools, an initiative of IEL, for 10 years. During his tenure as Deputy Director of the Coalition, Reuben helped us move towards cultivating quality community schools by developing community school site andinitiative standards. He is also responsible for writing several publications, that have advanced the community schools field including the Scaling Up GuideFinancing Community Schools, and A Framework for Better Learning.
We are forever grateful for all of Reuben’s huge contributions to the Coalition and the community schools field, and we wish him all the best in his new position as an Education Policy and Leadership Professor at American University.  
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