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Community Schools Messaging

What You Need To Know When Talking About Community Schools 

Why the change?

The Coalition for Community Schools has intentionally revised the tagline to emphasize the importance of student’s continuous growth academically in community schools. The Coalition new tagline "partnering so students learn and thrive" specifically focuses on partnerships as the vehicle for learning in community schools.  


Elevator Speech 
A Community School is a public school – the hub of its neighborhood, uniting families, educators and community
partners to provide all students with top-quality academics, enrichment, health and social services, and
opportunities to succeed in school and in life.
Community schools are the kind of public schools that families want and children deserve.
• Where students are safe, loved, and challenged; 
• Where families and educators partner with doctors, nurses, social workers, community agencies, businesses, higher education, and others to provide the comprehensive academic and non-academic supports that meet each student’s unique needs and taps his/her unique talents. Counseling and health care for some. Food and shelter for others. GED and job training for community residents. Quality instruction, enrichment, and extracurriculars for all;
• Where schools are open 24/7: early mornings, late afternoons, nights, weekends, and during the summer;
• Where teachers are given the time and space to help students master the more challenging academics they need to thrive in an increasingly complex world; 
• Where educators work with local companies, nonprofits, higher education, and local governments to offer students engaging, real-world projects that make learning more relevant, and open the door to future opportunities; 
• Where students have a voice in what their school looks like; where families are respected and engaged; where neighbors gather; where the wisdom and assets of the community are respected; and where students, families, neighbors, and community partners work with school staff to shape the school’s priorities.

Instead of fragmenting neighborhoods, these hyper-local schools unify them. Instead of inventing another "silver bullet," community schools offer a proven approach that’s rooted in our democratic values and retooled for the 21st-century, with neighbors helping neighbors, and schools serving as the hub of their communities.

Community schools, 7,500 and growing, represent a national movement with a multi-decade track record of improving achievement, empowering students and families, and strengthening neighborhoods. They are flourishing in a growing number of cities, suburbs, and rural America, in regular public schools and public charter schools. Community schools offer an approach that builds on core American values to meet 21st-century needs. They are more relevant than ever. 

To view the community school messaging click here.  Tell us what you think of the messaging by contacting LJ Wilson, Communications Coordinator at

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