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Community Schools and Equity: Webinar Series

Community Schools and Equity:
Bringing Community and Opportunity into the Heart of Education Reform 

From January to June 2015, our "Community Schools and Equity" webinar series will explore how to utilize the Full-Service Community School Strategy, both in policy and in practice, to close the achievement and opportunity gaps for all children. As the complexion of America’s children changes and poverty persists as an influence on children’s education, community schools offer an educational, developmental, and community change strategy to empower all children, youth, and families to realize their full potential.

Our Equity Framework articulates our beliefs and plan of action towards an equity agenda for the community schools movement, but our webinars re-ignite this message by bringing leaders across the field to discuss and illuminate the possibilities of community schools as a vehicle for change.  

Webinars in our series include:

Community Schools and Equity: Our Framework (January 28th, 2015)
My Brother's Keeper and Community Schools (March 17th, 2015)
Community Schools and Equity: Changing Systems (May 2015)
Mobilizing Families and Communities (June 2015)

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