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Community Schools: A Whole-Child Framework

Community Schools: A Whole-Child
Framework for School Improvement
Putting Students at the Center 

In this brief we have organized the major components of a community school into a comprehensive framework. Below is a summary of these components, followed by more detailed descriptions in the brief. We also offer two graphics illustrating the framework: the first depicts the framework as a tree to tell the story of community schools, and the second shows the components as interrelated layers in a circle.
The community schools framework puts students at the center, listening to their concerns and aspirations, and responding to their life circumstances.

Being student-centered at a community school means offering three kinds of opportunities: powerful learning, integrated health and social supports, and authentic family and community engagement.

Undergirding these opportunities are a set of collaborative practices that tie families, educators and community partners together: iclusive leadership, shared ownership for results, strategic partnerships, resource coordination and data-driven planning.
Capacity-building supports help put these collaborative practices to work: all-stakeholder leadership development, professional development, and coaching for continuous improvement .
Buttressing all these components of community schools is deep stakeholder engagement and participation. Stakeholder engagement builds relational trust, strengthens an equity focus, and supports continuous improvement.

This community schools framework leads to the following results: college, career, and civic-ready students; strong families; and healthy communities.
Community Schools Framework Infographics 



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