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Community School Facilities

Community School Facilities: Authentic Engagement, Shared Space, and Neighborhood Hubs

Webinar was held on September 15th @ 3:00 PM EST

Co-sponsored by the Coalition for Community Schools and our partners at The Education Facilities Clearinghouse

School construction and renovation provide unique opportunities for authentic community engagement and the advancement of community schools. Hear how the Cincinnati Public Schools engaged families and residents to build an entire district of new schools that are the centers of their neighborhoods. Learn about Baltimore’s strategy to leverage their new facilities plan to build schools that provide space for partners and community members to help their schools thrive. And hear about the latest trends in community and partner use for school facilities.

The full webinar can be heard, here!

Resources from the webinar:

Presenters included:

·      Cincinnati

·         Robin Brandon, Project Coordinator for Facilities Planning & Construction, Cincinnati Public School

·         Marcene Kinney, Director of Arts and Education for GBBN Architects


·         Nicole Price, Director, Family and Community Engagement, Baltimore City Public Schools

·         Andrew Masters, Director of School Age Initiatives, Family League of Baltimore

The Education Facilities Clearinghouse

·         Dr. Linda Lemasters, Co-Principal Investigator

·         Dr. G. Victor Hellman, Research Project Director

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