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Community Schools and Equity: Changing Systems

Community Schools and Equity: Changing Systems

May 6, 2015 1:00-2:00pm EST

Our four-part 'Community Schools and Equity' webinar series continued with our third installment, "Community Schools and Equity: Changing Systems." During the webinar, participants learned how the commmunity school strategy is being utilized as a vehicle for systems-level change in school funding, teacher preparation, family financial stability, and student achievement.

The Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) Community Schools initiative will transform high-need schools into high-quality community schools through their Equity and Empowerment Lens. United Way of the Bay Area will present their SparkPoint Community Schools model, a two-generation approach for linking family economic success with student achievement. And at their University-Assisted Community Schools, IUPUI’s School of Education is developing teacher preparation programs under a social justice framework.

You can view and listen to the webinar here, and find the accompanying PowerPoint slides here.

Speakers included:

Diana Hall -  Co-Chair, Community Schools Leadership Network; Program Supervisor, SUN Service System and Community Schools
Ena Li -  Education Director, United Way of the Bay Area

Monica Medina, Ph.D. - Interim Director, Center for Urban and Multiculutral Education, IUPUI School of Education

You can learn more about our Equity Framework here. For more information about our series, please contact Perpetual Baffour, National Policy Emerson Fellow. 


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