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August Newsletter 2015


 Vol. XII - Issue 8 - August 2015

In This Issue

Community Wisdom and the Dyett High School Hunger Strikers


As Chicago Public Schools continued to delay making a decision in response to a community plan to turn Dyett High School into a sustainable community school --Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology HS -- community leaders and parents began a hunger strike on August 17th.   Read Marty Blank and Kwesi Rollins’ blog here and please comment.  For addition information about the Dyett hunger strike click here.

Capacity Building Resources: Creating a Community School

Start the new school year strong with this arsenal of tools and resources for starting a community school. Our "How to Start a Community School" webpage covers topics from developing a strategic plan to creating a site team to financing your school. Check out these other resources from our partners at the National Center for Community Schools and The Federation for Community Schools as well. And tell us about your efforts on the Community Schools Directory. 

Partner Spotlight: GLSEN


The Coalition sat down with Nathan Smith, Director of Public Policy, of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) to learn more about their recent advocacy efforts surrounding ESEA. Learn more about the organization and the how their efforts surrounding LGBTQ+ intersect with community schools and the work at the Coalition.  Read More> 

Opportunities and Resources 


Community Schools National Forum 2016 

ave the Date! - 
 The Coalition, in collaboration with the ABC Community Schools Partnership, will host the 2016 National Forum, Rising Together: Learning across School, Family and Community. Save the date for April 6-8, 2016 in Albuquerque, NM. Registration, workshops, and website coming soon!

Request for Proposals - The Coalition invites you to submit a workshop proposal for our 2016 National Community Schools Forum in Albuquerque, NM happening on April 6-8. Download the RFP guidelines here and submit your proposal here. Contact with questions.

Attendance Awareness Month 
Attendance Awareness Month starts next week. If you’re planning events or activities, don't forget to share them on the Attendance Action Map. When students attend today, they achieve tomorrow. Learn More> 

Federation for Community Schools Forum  
When school and community systems are organized to support families, schools become the centers of healthy communities.  Join the Federation for Community Schools 11th Annual Midwest Community Schools Forum on November 20th to gain the tools, strategies, research, and inspiration to enhance your community school efforts. 
Register Now>


Chicago, IL: Marquette Elementary: A School, a Community Organization and a Health Care Provider Steer a New, Better Course
After years of being classified as failing, Marquette Elementary School became a turnaround school in 2012. Their community partnerships were essential to easing this transition, maintaining the school-based health clinic, and bringing energy and optimism to the school. Read More>

‘The Prize,’ by Dale Russakoff
Dale Russakoff’s "The Prize" tracks the efforts of Mark Zuckerberg, then mayor of Newark Cory Booker, and Gov. Chris Christie to reform education in New Jersey. After their failure due to the "unwillingness of the reformers to include parents and teachers in shaping the reforms," Zuckerberg has learned his lesson. His next reform venture in the Bay Area will include community engagement and offer students "a web of support." Read More> 


IEL Contributes a Chapter to a New International Book, Flip the System 
External accountability, high-stakes testing, and focus on international rankings are dominating much of the global education reform conversations. So, what will it take to flip the system and empower those closest to the children and youth and to redesign an equity-driven approach to education?Flip the System: Changing Education from the Ground Up explores this very idea. Read More>

More News 

IEL Corner

Thank You Heather 

Heather Naviasky, who ran the National Forum, the Awards for Excellence, and the Coordinators’ Network among numerous other responsibilities has taken a new position with the Family League of Baltimore working on their community schools. The Coalition is truly grateful for the enormous contributions Heather made to our work, and we wish her all the best at the Family League.


ADA 25th Anniversary Stories 


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the landmark civil rights legislation protecting people with disabilities, passed 25 years ago. The ADA Generation comprises young people with disabilities who came of age under the ADA. Here are their stories>

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