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More Universities Utilizing Community Schools for Service Missions

It seems like one of the most perfect partnerships – even amongst community schools where partnerships are essential. What institution is better equipped to help prepare people for college and career than an institution of higher education itself?
More and more colleges and universities are finding that spearheading a community school initiative is one of the most mutually-beneficial relationships it can have. In many of these community schools, high school students are utilizing college facilities as part of their coursework.

Teachers are taking advantage of professional development led by the university. Conversely, colleges have a venue to train their faculty, staff and students, while cultivating a pipeline of younger students already prepared for the rigors of a post-secondary education. Most importantly for many of these institutions, community schools are the best way to fulfill their commitment to service and their civic mission.  
These university-assisted community schools are using their resources and expertise to provide comprehensive educational opportunities and support for students and their families, while also strengthening the very neighborhoods that surround and support them. But they’re not just doing it alone. Universities are bringing in other organizations as partners in community school initiatives as well.
Colleges and universities are finding that by providing wraparound supports to improve the educational outcomes of local young children they have a better chance at sustainably revitalizing their communities.
Major colleges have been spearheading community school initiative for some time. University of Pennsylvania's University Assisted Community School (UACS) program led the way, and the model has been adapted at numerous universities such as Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, University of Dayton, and University of Oklahoma-Tulsa pioneering the way. Community colleges have been integral partners in initiatives as well, as is the case with Northampton Community College and COMPASS community school initiative in Pennsylvania.
But Florida International University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Tennessee, Washington University in St. Louis, and UCLA are part of a new crop of colleges that are making immediate impacts through their own university-assisted community school partnerships.
·        Johns Hopkins University
·        Seattle University

Other University Assisted Community Schools

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