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School Initiative Information

Initiative Name: Chicago Public Schools Community Schools Initiative
Leadership Type: District led
Location Type: Urban
Address: 125 South Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60603 US
Phone: 773. 553. 1447


With over 150, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is home to the largest community schools initiative in the nation. To date, these schools have formed over 400 partnerships with non-profit organizations across the city. Not only are students attending their traditional classes at these schools, but parents are receiving job training courses, families are able to access medical and dental care on site and children have the option to take music and art lessons.

Services/Programs Offered

·         Job training courses are available for parents
·         Provide access to medical and dental care on site
·         Provide opportunity to take music and art lessons
·         All out-of-school programs relate to and support the school’s academic program
·         Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
·         Alternative Education and Transition
·         College and Career Preparation
·         Freshman Connection
·         Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP)
·         Service Learning
·         Special Education and Supports
·         Students in Temporary Living Situations
·         Summer Quest
·         Tutoring
·         Virtual Learning (Summer Initiative)
·         Youth Engaged in Schools (YES) Scholars


·         Chicago Coalition for Community Schools
·         University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration
·         Federation for Community Schools

and many more. . .


·         In a study done by the University of Illinois – Chicago in 2008,more out of school time was associated with greater student success meeting minimum school attendance standards
·         For girls and Latino students, more OST was associated with better perceptions of school climate
·         GPA in math was positively associated with hours of academic support among African-American students
·         OST enrichment time was positively associated with student GPA
·         Students with more hours of enrichment felt higher on average that the curriculum of their school was challenging and interesting
·         These students also reported higher levels of adult support for academic success and personal well-being
·         70 % of students who needed to improve their completion of homework in the 2005-06 school year did so
·         73% of students who needed to improve their overall academic performance in the 2005-06 school year did so

Funding Sources

Resources for the Field

Initiative Demographics

Total of students enrolled in Chicago Public Schools (2011)- 404,151
Charter Schools: 45,478
Percent White (non Hispanic) 8.8%
African American 41.6%
Hispanic/Latino 44.1%
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander .1%
Asian/Pacific Islander .04%
Asian 3.3%
Native American: 0.4%

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